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33 Year old Female married, husband and I actively going through treatments
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Hi everyone! Just a little background, my husband and I have been TTC for the last 5 years. We started our Fertility Journey back in February of 2020 right before Covid. When Covid hit here in the US our fertility clinic shut completely down and put a big halt on our journey. Fast forward 2 years, we have done me DH Mese Tese and unfortunately did not find anything we could use, so now we are having to use a donor. We have found one and all is well. We start our first round of IUI with our baseline appt scheduled for July 5th. (As long as AF decides to be on time this month). There has been so much to do before hand I never thought this day would come! Now that it is here I am losing my mind! The only positive thing right now is that we are going on a mini vacation here the last week of June so that will hopefully keep my mind of it for one week (Doubtful).

I just wanted to say hi and tell you all my little story... I hope I have some Cycle buddies out there! Good Luck to all, Baby Dust all the way around!

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