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Just wanted to join you on this board and introduce myself.  I have posted before but mainly on the donor egg forum, as last IVF cycle we were advised to use donor eggs due to low qual eggs.  This time (6th attempt) we have been told we can use our own! as our donors eggs were not as good as mine!

We've been TTC since 1999 and was told after a year that IVF would be our best route.  I'd had one ovary and tube removed due to endo adhesions.  We don't get much of a response with the one ovary and the first attempt was unsuccessful.  Second was successful, but then found out I also had IC and lost at 22 weeks.  Third and fourth poor response, low qual eggs.  Fifth with donor and now sixth with own eggs.

I'm starting buserelin tonight after a clear scan (mainly had chocolate cysts previous cycles due to endo), hurdle one jumped.  I go back on 13th September for bloods and further scan. 

Thanks for listening, hope to find some ladies having IVF at the same time as me.

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