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hi,  after years of mis diagnosis i was eventually diagnoses with severe endo, by which time it was to late my tubes are closed together, my bowel is badly damaged & i have a large painful cycst which keeps coming back after being removed & drained.

i need ivf if i want any chance of a family. i am on the waitng list for edinburgh, but i could not wait the 2 years so i scrimped & saved for self funded treatment 3 times so far at dundee. i was advised to try dundee for my best chances but to be honest i dont think it really matters where you are treated more how you react to the treatment.

i have just started my period after my third treatment cycle but i am determind i will have my family before i need my definative operation (hystrectomy).

my only concern is that i have just had a phone call from edinburgh to say they have brought my treatment forward a couple of months & want to start it with my october period, i dont know if they will still let me have nhs treatment after 3  self funded cycles & also if it is to soon after my last cycle.

i would like to think that i could still have nhs funded treatment as if i was diagnised sooner i  may not have needed the treatment at all.

if havebody has any help or advise on this i would be greatful to heard it.

here's hoping & staying positive

ozzie ^goodluck^ ^goodluck^

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