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Hi everyone,

just thought I'd introduce myself on the endo thread. Had lap about four years ago and was diagnosed with endo. Had xray thingy (when they try to put dye through tubes), discovered wrecked left tube and damaged right. Referred for IVF. Always had terrible period pains and always was irregular.

Went in for first IVF last feb / mar. Discovered large cyst on left ovary which they drained, (very painful as I was awake and could not have gas and air coz it makes me feel dizzy and sick). When I went for egg collection they drained it again, (this time felt nothing-ish as high on lovely drugs!!!). It had grown to 6-7cm. Got 12 eggs, 6 fertilised and two implanted, rest perished. Successful pregnancy , (although very weak positive), and mc at about four weeks. Lost mum to leukemia in June.

Consultant says they will surgically remove cyst (if it has returned), before next cycle of IVF. Was waiting till I got my head together and feel I will be ready for next cycle in Jan / Feb, (or when they can fit me in).

Had terrible pains since IVF, not just period but ovulating pain too. Am worried that the drugs / treatment may have kick started the endo into further invasion, so the quicker I get to clinic the better I suppose.

Thank God for you lot and your messages. Just hearing from you all and reading your own postings is like having someone else hold my hand through all of this.

Look forward to talking some more to you all.

Loads of luv,

NikNik. xx

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Hi NikNik

It sounds like you've had a rough year, lets hope 2005 will bring more luck. 


I'm too going for IVF in January/February.  Although I don't know about you but I am much more apprehensive as it is my second attempt.

Hope it goes well for you.

Take Care


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Hiya Endo sisters!!

Big welcome to Niknik

I have endo was diagnosed in 2001 seems a lifetime ago but it isnt!!

I am currently having acupuncture and am gettin on well with it.

I am lucky in respect that i get it on the nhs

Why not come and join us on the Endo Chit Chat thread which is located on the Inbetween treatment section, its a bit quiet there atm i guess due to xmas and new year.

There is also a Endo chat session held alternate weeks where we get together for a natter just us endo girlies.

A good site to check out is www.endoaware.co.uk

Lovely to meet u all but sorry its due to the Endo and IF

I hope that 2005 will bring us all our hopes and dreams

Stay well (or as well as endo allows!!)
^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

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