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Hope someone can help me, I have been referred to BACC as we have been ttc for 18months and my latest Progesterone test showed I wasn't ovulating, it could be intermittent though and will have it done again this month to see. 

Question is - If I already have a child would I have to pay for a consultation etc and Clomid (which the Dr said is what they will probably give me) or do you only have to start paying once you go down the road of IVF/ICSI etc?  At what point do they tell you?

I am tempted to ring BACC tomorrow to get an idea of how long I have to wait for an appointment and some info on the above but don't know if they will be able to tell me over the phone.  DH has to do a sample and the next appt at the RUH for testing it is the 26 June!!!

If the wait for an appt at BACC is a couple of months on the NHS and I will have to pay anyway I might as well get on with it and get an appt sooner by stumping up the cash!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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