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A urine test done yesterday showed a BFN 3 days after AF was due. I have no 'real' nausea that I could be sure of.. [just a few waves and only in the evening]

Really sore boobs.. and this is the only symptom I am thinking is a good sign - as I don't really get sore boobs before AF. [This is also more pronounced at night]

I feel sort of detached - like I am when I am on cold tablets. A bit braindead all of a sudden too.. this is probably nothing to do with +pg symptoms... LOL

I don't feel like AF is coming on at all.

I will let you know when /if AF does arrive for me.

All the best ladies & Fingers crossed for all in the TTC group!

Could I be pregnant?

Melanie - 25
DH - 26
DS - 3
m/c - 03/09/03 [angel lost @ 10 weeks]
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