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I was hoping that someone could help.

I had a scan today, it is cycle day 9.  I have  9 follies- 6 are 8mm and 3 are 7mm

I have no clue about whether this is good or bad?

Is 9 a good amount to have of should i be expecting more follies?

Im hoping that they continue to get bigger, i think im right in thinking that they grow 1-2mm a day so ovulation will be in about a week.....

Sorry to ask SO many questions,

Thanks, Bendybird.xx ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

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with clomid and BMS or IUI ideally you should be aiming for one dominent follicle or possible 2 - some clinics say 3 is ok as well).  Once your follies hit 10mm one tends to become the dominent one and therefore at your next scan you should see one bigger than the other.  You dont want too many mature ones as this risks multiples!!  Also they tend to be mature once they reach 18mm and then you ovulate.

I'm on CD9 and had scan today with 1 @ 10mm, 2 @ 8mm and about 10 others - all smallers but have PCO so this is normal for me.  Hoping by next week the 10mm one will increase faster than the others.
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