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Hope you are all well.
I havent been on the site for quiet some time. Having some family and me time. Dh and I are still ttc, but so many things in life have been going on that getting pg has kind of taken a back burner of late.
Me moved to Surrey from West sussex last April so it meant new schools all round for the children, my daughter is at high school and suffering at the hands and tongues of the bullies :(
I am starting an elderly care course and hopefully going to get a job soon, so fingers crossed this might just be the kind of welcome distraction that my body needs after worrying month after month after month.
All the very best to you all and fingers crossed for everyone

Corrina xxx

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Hello Corrina, I do remember you!

Welcome back to FF. :)

I would leave you some usseful links to try out but, frankly, I think you know all the best places on FF ;)
You might want to join the Surry girls and boys though - they are pretty chatty and I am sure you will get along great.

Wishing you lots of luck and hope to see you posting around again. ^reiki^

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