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Just had my tube removed as I have severe ENDO. I have been left with one swollen tube and its not perfect.

My consultant has suggested IVF, but until our next apt with her in a few months she has said to continue to TTC!!!

Is there really a chance? Also ovaries could be damaged-waiting for repeat tests. My body has been in a right state.

Also do you ovulate different sides? So what are chances of ov on the right side where there is a tube?

So much to take in and get head around.
Would love to hear some stories from people.


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Hi there,

I too have one tube, and following my operation they also sent me away for 6 months to TTC naturally.聽 Nothing happened, so I then went on to start IVF.聽 I think perhaps they have to give you that time before moving on to IVF - not sure why, though.聽

When I mentioned that since I still had one (damaged) tube I might be able to conceive naturally, my consultant pretty much laughed out loud!聽 But he did say there is always a slim chance.

From my understanding, we ovulate alternately on the left and right month by month - but I'm no doctor...

I'm afraid I don't yet have a good news story for you - will be testing on Thursday following a FET.聽 Maybe then...

Good luck to you - and I hope your body has settled down after being messed around by the surgery xx

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Biriyani said:
From my understanding, we ovulate alternately on the left and right month by month - but I'm no doctor...
Just to add to that, I have heard conflicting opinions on this. Some doctors say your body alternates, some say you have a dominant side... I don;t think anyone could really say without scanning you every month to find out. I have also headr it said you can ovulate on one side and the egg travel to the side with the patent tube but know really knows!

That said I have seen cases on FF over the years where members with damaged tubes have conceived against all odds. I'm not saying it will happen in your case and I think you need to be realistic about the chance of this happening but it does no harm to try without expectation of success.
I am just wondering if your doctor has suggested perhaps clomid to boost your chances of success? Although it's really for ovulatory problems, I have known doctors use it this way before so may well be worth asking as a just-in-case measure.


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I only have one tube due to an ectopic, our consultant has said that it reduces your chances by one 3rd.聽 I think it depends more on your personal situation, if your partner is very fertile (sorry did not read your signature before i started responding) then he maybe able to carry it off but if not, like in my case then i guess its unlikely.

In a more positive not my sil was born with one tube she has 4 children, with 2 different partners??? so either both men are very fertile or she is just very lucky.聽 Good luck xx

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I had my tube removed as I have severe ENDO. I was left with one kinky tube and advised to go for ivf (for the second time) after 3 months of tube removal ...聽 and should keep trying to naturally conceive in the meantime though chances are very slim of that happening .. BUT IT DID :) i conceived naturally within 6 weeks of tube removal... i am now 28 weeks pregnant with a baby i have wanted for yearssss ...hope this helps
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