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I know that u cant answer or speculate with this but just wanted to ask.............

I have endo and pcos

Havent had af for 10 weeks, and had a it last week still bleeding now been very very heavy, gone thru 6 packs of pads (day and nightime)

My question is, since before the af started i have had a stabbing pain in my ovary, normally i get ovary pain at ovulation never at period time so am confused by this

The bleeding is now brown/black and wondered my mind working overtime if could be a burst cyst????

Any help appreciated

Thanks in advance


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It could well be a cyst bursting as it sounds just like what I experience and a bleed can help get rid of cysts and old follicles. I would mention it when you are seen next if soon, otherwise ring them and maybe see if they will scan you.

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