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Tracey L said:
Dear Peter

Sorry to bother you again, you kindly answered my query yesterday regarding fragmentation around embryos and if this would affect the outcome. I have had 4 IUI's ( 1 bio-chemical) and 3 IVF's of which in all 3 the embryologist told me that there were fragments around the embryos.

I forgot to mention that i have PCOS, would this affect the quality of the embryos,

Possibly but not always

and also my doctor has put me on metformin over the last 6 months, do you think this will help with my next cycle which is in approx 3 months time.

This could well help

You mentioned that a full embryological review would be useful, what does that involve and should i wait until i am called for treatment or try and get it done as soon as possible.

You need to ask your clinic to look carefully at your case and to try different approaches on the embryology side to try to get better embryos. If they will not do this I can offer this service (see my note at the top of the messages page) and I will recommend waht you should do to increase embryo quality.

Good luck!


Thank you for your help once again.

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