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I'd like to say hello to everyone, I'm new here but after today's events I really wanted to share my news with people.

At the age of 37 and after years of being poked and prodded around like a piece of meat in a medical search to find the problem for my infertility I got diagnosed with PCOS today.

I know it might sound strange to be happy about it, but after years of trying to convince doctors that there was something 'wrong' with me, that my weight gain wasn't due to excess eating and laziness, that my hair loss wasn't due to stress, that the excess body hair wasn't 'just one of those things'. I finally met a Consultant who actually listened to me and UNDERSTOOD!

I can't tell you the relief I feel that someone has finally, after so many years, put all the pieces of the puzzle together, she listened, drew diagrams, explained everything, recommended books and this was just as I'd really began to give up hope, but today I feel blessed.

I start my treatment of Metformin tomorrow!

Just needed to share that with people who probably understand what I feel right now :)


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hi moonie

im glad you finally got a diagnosis and i know when you say its a relief to find out that you arent imagining everything and the symptoms are real, i felt exactly the same when i was diagnosed

It sounds as though you had a good dr who explained everything to you which is good to hear
Im also on metformin  and found that it really helps with loads of the symptoms, it made me feel tired for the first couple of weeks but definately noticed a difference after that

feel free to email me if you have any questions
take care
suzie aka olive

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Hi Moonie! 

I too suffer from PCOS and this site has become a godsend to me over recent months. I'm sure you will find it just as useful.

I know what you mean about someone being able to explain things clearly to you - I've recently found a wonderful gynaecologist and feel that a lot of the stress has been removed, simply because he 'understands' the situation.

Unfortunately my Dh has also just been diagnosed with male factor problems, but we are not beaten yet! Determined to try everything in our power to help the situation.

I am glad that you are feeling positive about things, and wish you the best of luck in your journey ttc.

Please feel free to ask any questions!

Kate x
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