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hi im new here,

im 21 and here are my symptoms:

sudden weight gain of 2 stone, mostly on the stomach
unwanted hair
painful periods
excessive thirst
foot pain
slight pain in one side sometimes
extreme tiredness, sometimes feeling faint
high blood pressure 165/99

i am on the mini pill cerazette and my periods are irregular on this i had a period for two months none stop! mostly i have none. i saw a doctor at the contraception clinic and she said it was because im too fat.(?) am seeing my own doctor on wednesday, how likely is it i have pcos? i do lots of excercise and dont eat loads or anything, will she say im just fat too?! what tests could the doctor do to find out? thanks,
p.s i had my blood sugar tested and it was normal.

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I have PCOS & my main symptom was the lack of periods although while on the pill they were regular.

I don't think that all the symptoms you've got would be PCOS related. The excess hair, problem periods & possible weight gain sound about right, but not usre about the rest.
My Dr sent me to the hospital for a ultrasound as the ovaries will be enlarged & have cysts on them & also did blood tests to look for higher levels of testosterone (I think)

If you haven't already, take a look on the PCOS thread on here and you may be able to get more ideas of the symptoms etc from there.

Good Luck!

Siobhan x
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