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HI Ladies - hope you are enjoying this lovely weather.

As you can see from the title of the topic I have recently been suffering from piles - well I hope that is all it is!  Unless some alien has invaded my body and is now trying to break free lol.

As I am the too embarrassed to go to the doctors ( lady doc at my practice is hardly ever there) I was wondering if using cream is the only way to get rid of them.  I am using Anusol cream but to be honest it does not seem to be working and sitting down is very sore and I am starting to walk like John Wayne after getting off his horse lol.

Is there anything I can take orally like what you can if you have thrush or a cream that maybe works a bit better than the one I have got. Or even if you know of any home remedies that would help - I am desperate!!

Still eating plenty fruit and drinking plenty water etc to help the natural flow of things in that area.

Any advice would be welcome (from anyone who reads this as well) - cant that you all enough

Gail xxxxxxx

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poor you  ^hugme^

The problem is that there is a large bump inside you that, along with fluid etc, and the increased pressure, along with the pregnancy hormones that relax your muscles and ligaments, this isn't likely to improve until after delivery.

You really need to see your GP, he/she will have seen it all before many times, they may be able to give you a stronger cream to help.

Take care x
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