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Hi Ladies

I wonder if anyone could give me the benefit of their experience?

Since having the hysterectomy (subtotal, womb only) I am suffering with horrendous mood swings, i've left my husband two months on the trot (stop giggling) and feel somewhat unbalanced.  Its now clicked that perhaps this is related to my cycle (trust me to get a regular cycle once i've had my vitals taken away  ^bigbad^ ).

I thought evening primrose was the drug to try and have looked online today and found that its not got any scientific back up, then saw about agnus castus which I know to help boost fertility?!  I'm confused, please help before my husband leaves me next time!!

The mood comes from nowhere, the argument is generally started by something insignificant and all I can do is shout and be abusive..... my poor babies ears must be bleeding - we do not have a volatile relationship at all, well not until the last few months.

Thank you for any guidance you can spare!

Bev xx

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Hi Bev.  Nice to hear from you, though I'm sorry to hear about the mood swings.

I would have thought that if your mood swings are that bad, it may be a case for something stronger than herbal medicine, and suggest you go back to your GP.  He may be able to give you some hormone supplements to take.  I seem to recall that one of the DE meds I had to take was also for HRT/menopause problems.

Hope you are able to get on top of it soon - I'm a bit prone to mood swings myself, though haven't yet walked out!  These hormones do all sorts of wierd and wonderful things, don't they?

Ruth x
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