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Hi Tallulah and welcome to ff

I am sorry to hear how much you have been messed about with your diagnosis. The same thing happened to me, one minute i was told everything would be fine, the next time i went it was " oh you'll never have any more of your own children " Like you i was absolutely gutted. My dx (diagnosis) was over 10 years ago now and although it is hard, i have come to terms with the fact that i will need donor eggs. Time is a great healer (cliche i know :) ) and i hope that in time you will feel ready to take that step.

When i was first diagnosed, i was only 21/22 and on my own with my son so IVF was not an option. I do have a partner now (he cancelled our treatment earlier this year :( ) although if i was on my own, i would certainly consider IVF regardless of having a partner or not.

I am not sure about having a family member as a donor... I think this would be too close for comfort for me. We will be having treatment in Spain because the nurse on this site works at a clinic in Marbella. Their donor egg success rate is pretty good and it is cheaper and quicker to go there than wait up to 2 years in this country.

There is a Donor Egg thread on this website, lots of lovely ladies waiting for donors and some who have been through all this before so pop in and say hello, i know you will get a warm welcome. Also, under Meeting Places on the main board is local areas. You can chat to other girlies who are near to you.

You will be very glad you found this site, it has helped me through some very hard times. Always someone here to listen when you feel down.

Feel free to send me an Instant Message if you want to.

Take care
Jennifer xx

Here are the links to find egg donor and meeting places


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