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I am feeling so deflated! I got my results this morning and am very alarmed.

It seems to me [and I am only going on the normal values displayed] that I am NOT ovulating and could be nearing menopause. I am only 25!!!

This has freaked me right out and I have three weeks til I see the fertility specialist to discuss these results.

I am now sure that I couldn't be pregnant this month because the bloods are indicating I have problems!

Anyone know anything about these tests! please please please shed some light.. even if it is to confirm my fears.

This is it:

FSH - 6.6 U/L
LH - 10.7 U/L
Progesterone - 3.5 nmol/L [this is what has freaked me out!]
Prolactin - 6.8 ng/L
Oest-17 Beta - 604 pmol/L

Reference ranges are as follows:

FSH - Follicular [1.0 - 6.0] Midcycle [6.0 - 12.0] Luteal [1.0 - 6.0]

LH - Follicular [3.0 - 10.0] Midcycle [20.0 - 40.0] Luteal [3.0 - 10.0]

Progesterone - Foll. [0.6 - 2.6] Mid Cyc. [no ref. given???] Luteal [13.0 - 75.0]

Oestradiol - Foll. [100-630] Mid cyc. [550 - 1650] Luteal [200 - 900]

The menopausal levels are:
FSH - > 20.0
LH - > 35.0
Progesterone - < 2.0
Oest - 40 - 300

Ok so I don't actually fall in any of the menopausal ranges.. but I feel its looking closer to that than being fertile!

ALL THESE BLOOD TESTS DONE ON CYCLE DAY 20. [So it would be considered in the Luteal phase of cycle]

The progesterone should really be MUCH MUCH higher.. it reflects that follicular phase. Like I am not ovulating at all!

Any advice here would be appreciated. I feel quite upset at these findings! :'(

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Hi there
I had a similiar experience to you with my bloods at the age of 21, they did decide to repeat the tests over a 3 month period which gave them a more balanced idea of what my body was doing.
I can understand your worries about this, I think we have all been theough the same at some point on our journey's. Luckily you are seeing someone soon who will be able to advise you on their opinion of your results.

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Hi Mel

I was diagnosed early menopause at 21 which was 2 years after i had my son.  I'm afraid I was so shocked and devastated that I have no idea whatsoever what my levels were at the time - all I know is one day my periods stopped and 6 months later was told (in a pretty brutal fashion) that I would never conceive another child)

Of course, all my family were told and my cousin (who is genetically similar to me as our fathers are identical twins) went for tests to see if she was affected.  Her test results showed that she was pre-menopausal and it was doubtful she would ever conceive naturally but to begin trying straight away if she wanted children.  She did exactly that and is now frantically running around after her 5 year old and toddler twins !!!!!

I can only hope that they have caught you in time too and suggest you try and try ( ^BMS^!!!!!!) till your appt with specialist.

I wish you lots of love and luck and please remember - you are not alone.  You can send me an instant message if you would like to chat more

Jennifer xx xx

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when i had my tests for ovulation my progesterone was 0.4 the first time i had it done but dr just said i obviously wasnt ovulating but never mentioned anything about being pre menopausal and gave me clomid and my progesterone went up to 54.
I guess what im trying to say is that low progesterone i thought just meant no ovulation, but i am no expert im just going on my own experiences, sorry if im not explaining myself very well lol
maybe you should make another gp appointment to voice your concerns and to put your mind at rest
hope this has helped a bit
take care
suzie aka olive
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