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My DD is 27 months. So early by Australian standards to start PT. (Ithink).
We have had a potty in the house for months and talk it about it and even sit on it. For the last couple of weeks WHEN DD wakes up and before her evening bath she sits on potty and watches some Peppa Pig.  In fact thtroughout the day now I try and leave the gap with putting a nappy on longer and longer.We have now had 4 or 5 incidents where she has done a wee. TBH I think these have all been flukes. Sometimes she says nappy to me and I know I need to change her nappy. Not always though. She enjoys coming to the loo with me and noticing when ou7t if other people go to the loo. ;D

I stupidly have told her that if she wees in pot she gets choc....so when she has done wees now she wants a bit of choc.  ^bigbad^  ((slaps head)). Perhaps I should try stickers. When she has an accidnet on the floor she comes to me and says " accident Mummy- please clean it up". I don't make a deal out of accidents.

I haven't bought GF, I hated her BF books, but I do need pointers. So what do you all think of GF nad PT? wHAT IS THE BEST ADVICE YOU HAVE FOR ME? Should I leave it a bit?
^eyes^  Help please.
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