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Hi All,
  I need support and help regarding my upcoming treatment.
  I am constantly travelling at the moment as mu husband is travelling abroad after every two months.
  I have the following history and would like advice regarding what would be the appropriate treatment:
  Me 28 PCOS and weight 75 kg,  DH 34 good motality etc
  1st pregnancy Natural 2005 starting bleed at week 6 misscarriage
  2nd pregnancy Natural  May 2009 bleed at week 6 misscarriage
  3rd Chemical pregnancy with IUI at Barts
  Immune testing at ARGC high NK cells found
  4th Pregnancy ARGC IUI start bleed at week 6, despite using Clexane, Prednisilone and Progestrone
  Then I had some more misscarriage related test and also did immune testing again and the result came as follows:
  Me and my husband were positive for Ureaplasma  Now cleared after taking antibiotics
  Chlamydia positive in me  Now cleared
  NK assay (%killed) Panel
  Name                                    Result                      Range
  50:1                                      23.5                        10-40
  25:1                                      18.2                        5-30
  12.5:1                                    11.0                        3-20
  IgG cone 12.5 50:1                23.3
  IgG cone 12.5 25:1                12.2
  IgG cone 6.25 50:1                20.7
  IgG cone 6.25 25:1                15.9
  % CD 3                                    85.5                60-85
  %CD19                                    7.6                    2-12
  %CD56                                    5.8                    2-12
  % of CD19+CD5+                    17.1                  5-10
  Leukocyte antibody detection
  Flowcytometry  Negative
  T-cells Igm+      30.1
  T-cells IgG+      21.0
  B-cells IgM+      28.2
  B- cells IgG+      96.2
  TH1:TH2 intracellular cytokine ratios
  IFN aiL-10 (CD3+CD4+)    19.2                Ratio  13.2-30.6
  IFN giL-10 (CD3+CD4+)      11.3              Ratio    5.8-20.5
  Dr has advised me for Intralipids instead of IVIG, just want to know what would be appropriate treatment for me.

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i replied to your post on the ARGC thread..

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i presume those results were before clearing the bugs?  your NKa might have dropped then if you've got rid of those infections since? in any case, at least on the test tube test, ivig doesn't seem to do a lot for you - so it seems logical to try ILs instead as its cheaper - I guess you'd either want to retest the immunes before Tx - and possibly decide to use only clex and progesterone if they come back better, or else go for pred+clex+prog+ILs... that's what I think I'd do.
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