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Hi Ladies

I was just wondering whether anyone knows anything about the dosage for Prednol and Prednisolone?

I normally take 25mg of Prednisolone and a FF of mine who lives abroad has been prescribed 16mg of Prednol and she was wondering if 16mg of Prednol equates to the same as 25mg of Prednisolone or should she be querying the dosage with her consultant and asking to up it to 25mg?

Dee xx


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Hi Guiness  :-*

I have taken 25mg before but unfortunately it wasnt enough  :-\ so on my last go i had IVIG during stimms and the rest is history  ::) ;D not sure regarding prednol never heard of it  :-[

Wish you loads of luck

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Hi Dee,

The are both corticosteroids and are both versions of the same drug - methylprednisolone.  I believe Prednol is a more potent version of prednisolone which seems to be commonly used in countries like Turkey for example.

However, I really think this question should be addressed to your friend's prescribing doctor and she perhaps would be best not second guessing whether she needs 25mg if they are not the same strength. 

I know it is really hard to compare drugs and not be sure whether you are taking the right dose - but I think she should ask her doctor how it compares to Prednisolone and explain that 25mg is a standard dose and how does the Prednol compare to it.

I definitely don't think she should increase her meds. though without discussing it with the prescribing doctor.

Best of luck,

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