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I suffer from a bad back and it's really been playing up last couple of days, only problem is exercise my physio gave to me ages ago involve lying on your front and doing press ups is this safe??? does anyone know any other exercises ??? and are there any painkillers that are safe for me to take - I'm just using a heat pad at the moment- is that safe?? HELP !!!

Also I found out we'd got a BFP on Monday - yay - I'm still getting the occasional (especially at night) af type cramps is this normal??


Sarah lou xx

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Hi Sarah Lou

I know you from the 1st Tri board - congrats on your BFP!
I suffer from a bad back to, which has been made worse by pregnancy hormones. I see a chiropractor weekly, and on her advice use an ice pack as a very effective pain killer - 10 mins out of every hour. Also, I'm no Dr, but I would avoid press ups! Would a 20 min walk help things? It does with me.
Paracetamol is also safe to take in pg, although I find it's not strong enough.

Why don't you ring your physio? In the first few weeks, I just thought to myself, if I did "something" would I blame myself if something went wrong.

Sorry for the ramble, hope your back feels better soon.


PS they are also threatening me with a support belt for the remainder of my pg - trying to avoid that for as long as poss!!!!  ;D

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Hi Minky

Thanks for your reply, I took some paracetomol last night.  Rang my physio this morning and I'm going to see him next Wednesday.  I've sworn him to secrecy about my pregnancy as he knows my in laws and we don't want to tell anyone just yet.

Luckily I've known him for ages so he laughed when I thrested him with violence if he blabbed !!! ;D ;D ;D

Sarah Lou xxx
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