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Hi, I'm new to this chat room business, I'm hoping someone out there might have some experiences to enlighten my current fertility confusion. I started on Clomid 6 months ago, obviously no success there. Last cycle I was also given an injection (HCG I think), hoping that this extra boost of progesterone would help address my short luteal phase problem. But no, after about 7 days after ovulation I got my period. If its not down to low progesterone, does anyone know what else might cause a short luteal phase, or more importantly, what to do about it? I also have PCOS (yawn yawn). If one more friend tells me she's pregnant this year I may scream!! (In private of course).

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Hello Lisa-cat, welcome to Fertility Friends. :)

I am sorry clomid just hasn't doen the trick for you, even with the HCG jab. Have you been offered progesterone support during the second half of your cycle to, perhaps, support your luteal phase? I would guess this may help, although obviously I am not medically trained so can't say for sure. As far as I know, low progesterone is one of the main reasons for early bleeding post ovulation so it may help. We reccently had an interetsing discussion here in the Intros board with another new member with similar issues. You can have a look at that thread here: http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=134947.0

Some ladies have had some success sorting out hormonal issues with complimentary therpaies such as acupuncture or herbal remedies. You might want to check out our Complimentary Therapies area and see what's what and if you feel any of that might be advantageous for you.

I completely understand that silent scream when everyone around you gets pregnant and you can't. ^hugme^ It is so frustrating.

I will leave some useful links here for you to check out. I hope they will lead you to the most approriate aeas of FF where you can get the support and advice you need. Please do dive right on in posting on any thread, or start your own. I am sure someone will come along with some advice or insight or who has just been there before and can tell you how it was handled for them:

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Complimentary Therapies ~ CLICK HERE

And don't forget to have a bit of fun while you are on FF and check out the general chit chat / jokes / hobbies area:

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You can also chat live in our excellent chat room. We have a newbie night in the chat room every week (Wednesday at 8pm), where you can meet other new members and get technical support with navigating the site and using all the functions available here. CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON NEWBIE CHAT

You can also "meet" and chat with people in your local area through the Location boards. This is especially useful to find people who may be using the same clinic and or in the same PCT area.

I guess now you have exhuasted clomid then your next step is to go back and ask for more investigations or what is next treatment wise. Definitely push the short luteal phase thing and ask what can be done to help you get at least to test day without bleeding.
When do you next see your consultant?

Loads of luck!


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Hi Lisa and welcome to the site :)

You have come to a fantastic place full of support and advice and you have been left some great links to try out.

Im not clued up about the progesterone but Caz has left some great information for you. I just want to wish you loads of luck with the future and that one day soon you will get the baby that you wish for. And yes i remember before conceiving my miracle that everyone and their dog was falling pregnant and wanted to scream a lot!!

Kate xx

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& Welcome to FF Lisa ^hugme^ ^hugme^
Caz has given you some wonderful advice and links, be sure to check them out.
I would like to encourage you to post in these areas to build friendships and support from members who really do have an understanding of your situation.

To make the site easier to navigate click on the index tab at the top of any page - pink hearts mean there is something new within the board you have not read/looked at and if you scroll right down you will see the last ten posts from all over FF all are clickable ;) if you refresh this page (f5) it will update the last ten posts as well as the boards/threads and who's online!!!
take some time to look at the help tab too ;)

Check out the Locations boards for where you live & a site search for your clinic ;)

Wishing you Friendship ^fairydust^ & ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

If you need any help just ask!

^willy nilly^
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