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Just wanted to ask if anyone has any advice on which is best or any preference?

We are just starting our second ICSI - the first one didn't stick.  We have been told that everything went well the first time it, number of eggs good, grade 2 embryo etc. Ive been wondering if it is because I didnt use the pessaries right (felt all gloopy and almost as if falling out despite me being horizontal and putting it where i should have! ;))

Also feeling a  little unprepared despite starting almost a year after our first ICSI as many FF seem to be very informed about their FSH/LH levels and sperm analysis etc.

My DH has low sperm count from chemo 5 years ago and takes drugs for HIV, I am 31 no fertility issues, have an underactive thyroid and have been on 50 mcg levotyroxine for 18 months and feel better for it.
We have only had sperm checks (we were just told its low) and a day 2/3 hormone check.
I have not had my progesterone checked on day 21.

Reason for asking is my acupuncturist was asking about my menstrual cycle, I said I knew when it was coming because I would spot dark brown for 1-3 days before I bled. She said this means I have low progesterone levels.  As we are soon to be taking stimming injections and so too late for a progesterone test I wanted to know if I should ask for an injection or stick with the Crinone gel?
I read on a site that the injection can get more into the bloodstream? Then someone else kindly told me that the gel is preferred as it is more natural to the body?  ???
I dont want it to all go well again then face it not sticking if I can do something about it now  :-\

any help would be really appreciated

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