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Just a quick question, I am doing my 2nd ivf and I am due EC on Wednesday.  I have been having a lot of tummy gripes during the stimming and have been putting a hot water bottle on my tummy now and then, now I am worried that I could of damaged my eggs, any thoughts?????  I'd really be grateful for any advice as I am panicking!!


hello Frances,

my dw had Et on friday and she read some where on ff to put hot water bottle on her belly to help the embrios snuggle in.I not sure about doing it before sorry if this hasnt helped you in any way

good luck

carl ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^

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Hiya Frances

I am having ec on tuesday - there is a nov/dec thread on cycle budies called santas babes if you fancy 'chatting' with loads of us going through this at the moment.
Anyway.....I am not a nurse so this is just what i have read in Zita Wests fertility book.

"Keep your lower abdomen warm, using a hot-water bottle for example.  In chinese medicine, warmth is considered neccessary for the development of the baby"

I cant find the bit about after transfer but i think it is not advised from then... hopefully someone can confirm that?!

Try not to worry - you have done nothing to 'damage' your eggs.  Good luck on weds.  ^goodluck^

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