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New home, Rainbow Crew
Loads of Love

Somewhere over the rainbow,
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of,
Once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

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The Cyclers!
Annabel IVF Scan 19/1
Carol IVF BCP 3/1 DR 22/1 EC 23/2
Carro (Caroline) ICSI DR 8/1
Chick66 IUI BS 14/1, Scans 19/1, 22/1, IUI 27/1
CJ FET DR 5/1, Blood Tesr 21/1, FET 5/2
Dee DR 31/1 EC 9/3
Fee FET Clomid 25/1
GemmaB IVF Scan & Bloods 8/1, DR 9/1, EC 17/1, ET 20/1
Harriet ICSI DR 5/1, Scan 19/1, Stimms 21/1
Holly667 IVF DR 20/1
Hun IVF DR 12/1, BS 26/1, EC 9/2
Imogen ICIS DR Dec 03, BS 30/12/03, Scan 13/1, EC 16/1, ET 21/1
Jake ICSI DR 29/12/03, BS 14/1
Jo P ICSI DR 28/12/03, BS & Stims 14/1, EC 26/1
Kate12 FET DR 9/1, BS 4/2, FET 20/2
Kimric IVF BS 7/1, Metforim for 8 weeks then March .. Go!!!
LadyP IVF Stims 20/1
Leni IUI Stims 14/1, Scan 19/1, 22/1
Lise IVF DR 26/12/03, BS 12/1, EC 27-29/1
Nic (Dolly) IVF DR 27/12/03, BS 12/1, Scam 21/1, EC 26/1
NicJ ICSI DR 12/1, BS 29/1, EC 9/2
Paula ICSI provisional DR 6/2
S4arh Clomid Scan 27/1
Sarz FET Natual - first week in Feb
Tallulah ICSI DR 4/1
Tinkerbell64 ICSI DR 31/12/03, Stims 21/1, EC 5/2
Trudy26 IVF? DR 26/12/03, Stims 8/1, EC 19/1, ET 21/1

Our Current Rainbow 2WWers!
DawnJ ICSI test 30/1
LB IUI test 22/1

The Crewmates!
Caron FET sorting out polyps first
Charlotte IVF Jan/Feb
ChrisB FET Jan
Feistyblue (Claire) DIUI Feb
Fi FET Jan
Fiffi IVF sometime in 2004
Gail M IVF March
JDRobinson (Janet) review appt 17/3
Jo IVF in 2004 when all fit and well!!
Kimmy FET sometime in 2004
Kitty1 ICSI Feb
Larac (Lara) FET Feb/March
MichelleK FET Jan
Nicnack ICSI April
Owennicki (Nicki) IVF? Jan
Suz ICSI Jan
Shelley IUI Feb
ZoeB ICSI Starting March, EC 6/5


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Hi all,

Just thought I would pop in and say a big hello and hope everyone is doing ok.

Trudy and Imogen- well done, will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Quick update from me, all downregged and I am off to collect my drugs tomorrow and will start injecting so not long to go now!!!




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Well I've had et today and out of the 4 only 3 made it on to the next stage 2 being better then 1 so we didnt have any to freeze and we've had 2 put back they were grade 1 and both at the 8cells stage its just a shame they couldnt put all 3 in but the laws the law!!!
we test on 31st Jan I dont go back to work til nxt Weds so I'm trying to rest as much as poss.dh is making dinner pizza and chips so its going to do my diet good!! he doesnt know how to work the steamer yet but he will do at the end of the week ;D
The monitor was broken so we were unable to get a photo and see them on the screen but if it works who cares!!!
The nurses and doctors were lovely even one of the nurses who wasnt working with us today even came in to see us and wish us all the best dh and me were saying all the times we've come here all the staff ahve been lovely and cheerful they areall brill.
I will catch up with everyone tomorrow now I'm off work and dh as shoutd that tea is ready :p
Love Gemmaxxx

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Hello raingowers/rainbowers,

How are we all?

Did anyone notice that it was a bit quieter on here yesterday. Our dearest Auntie Dee was missing but I think we all behaved?

Because I am in a lazy mood... nothing new there then,so I will just wish you all well with the d/r, stimms and Ec which I hope has all gone or is going well. For those just about to start, GMD's included, I so wish you well and hope this is it for you! Remember, positive thoughts are the only way to make it happen so no negative thoughts please.

As I have said time and time again, your baby has a special date all of its own for when it will arrive, so we just need to wait for the calendar to get closer. (Does that make any sense?).

Good luck one and all. You will get your bfp's -- you are too nice not to. ;)

Love dawn x

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Ahoy There Rainbow Crew!

A quickish catch up .......

Gemma, Imogen and Trudy - Hope your ETs went well today and you are getting plenty of rest. Tomorrow .. I will magically turn you all into 2wwers! Good luck for your 2wws ... I can't wait to see the BFP signs next to your names!

Lois - So sorry you have had such a horrible time of it .. I hope your little embie was a first class babe, that ET went well and you get your BFP!

Chick66 - Sorry to hear that you are not responding to the drugs ... I can imagne how trumatic that must be for you, being a poor responder myself. I hope that your consultant can give you some answers and the right help on Thursday.

CJ - I hope that your blood test went ok today. I'm not sure if you definately have to have a bleed or not - but you probably know the answer to that one by now anyway.

Fee - It's nearly your time! xx

Harriet adn Tinkerbell - Good luck with your stims .. you are on your way!

Holly - Great to hear from you ... sorry I can't help with the drug advice - why not try posting on the ask the nurses board?

Jake - It's sounding good for you if you can feel all that ovarian activity after day 3 of stimms!

JoP - Hope the extra menopur does the trick.

Kate - I know I shouldn't have, I have it all to come again, but I did laugh at the thought of you having hot flushes whilst interviewing. I found it so unnerving in meetings last time I cycled!

Kim - Excellent news that your dates have worked out around Stratford!

Lise - Wow .. you must be drinking some water - how much are you drinking?

Nic (Dolly) - Hope your scan went ok today .. it sounds like you are responding well so far.

Paula - What a hard decision you have had to make on the job front - if you feel right about it then you have definately made the right one. After all, you are going to be needing that maternity leave very soon! xx

Carol - How was Meatloaf? Getting out of the toon was a nightmare last night, what with him and the match. But when I saw the queues heading inward .......... I was delighted I was heading in the other direction!

Hun - I did mean to ask where the living room was moving to?

Welcome to Shelley .. good luck for you IUI in February.

No news from me, rainbow mates ... it's another week of work so plodding on as usual. I'm off on Friday though ... so only 2 more days to go!

Hope everyone I haven't mentioned by name is happy and well.

Loads of Love
;D ;D ;D

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Hi Crewmates,

Auntie Dee, where have you been, anywhere exciting?

Shelley - Welcome aboard. Wishing you lots of luck for your February IUI ^reiki^

Nicky - So sorry to read your news. Giving you and your DH a ^Cuddle^. As each day passes hopefully you will feel alittle better ^Cuddle^

Trudy - Fantastic News. I'm wishing you lots of luck for ET.

Paula - Tough choice job or treatment, but I think you have made the right choice as Dee said you'll be needing that maternity leave ^reiki^

Holly - Welcome. I'm sorry I'm unable to help with your drug question, but I'm sure someone will be able to help.

Chick - I hope Thursday answers some questions for you. Good luck.

Imogen - Congratulations. 5 fertilised, well done. I'II be praying that your embies grow overnight and good luck with ET tomorrow.

Harriet - Wishing you lots of luck with your stims.

Gemma - Great news, 2 grade 1 embies safe and snug inside you. Take it easy and sending you lots of ^reiki^ vibes.

Dawn - I hope you are OK today, see you in 5 sleeps ;D

Hi to everyone I haven't mentioned, I hope you are all well, happy stabbing, sniffing or waiting.

I have my second stims scan tomorrow, hopefully my follies will have grown since Monday - keeping my fingers crossed.

I'II catch up again tomorrow.
Lots of love
Nic (Dolly)

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Hi munchkinlets

Hope youre all good, and its good news for all those having scans, EC and ET this week.

I am SOOOOOOO BORED with D/R ......surely it must be time for something else now! ^sleepy^ ^sleepy^ ^sleepy^ ^sleepy^ ^sleepy^ ^sleepy^ ^sleepy^ ^sleepy^
Appointment for baseline next Mon....and it would be nice to see AF (only time in last 2 years that has ever passed my lips) soon....

By the way my living room is now in the dining room (and I'll be in conservatory with Reverend Green and the dagger (whilst my husband still battles in the kitchen with the lead piping - not a joke!)) !

Hun xxx


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hi girls - hope you are all well.

Hun - your post made me laugh!! i am also soooo bored of D/R too and am dying to move to stims and go for my scan but i have another 10 days yet! boo!!
anyway, can't complain i suppose!!

am worried tonight though cos the bottle of buserelin is supposed to be enough for 11 injections but i reckon there is enough left for another 4 which would make 13 injections - has anyone else had this? am scared i have not been injecting enough but am sure it is working as my AF is late, i have spots and sore nipps and hot flushes and headaches! (how many symptons?)

Trudy, Imogen and Gemma - well done on your embies - you must be over the moon! good luck for your ET. ^reiki^

Good luck to the other Nic for your second scan tomoz - hope it goes well!!

haven't got time to respond to everyone else sorry but i am thinking about you.
take care all - i will try and catch up properly tomorrow.


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Nicky - I've posted to you on the other thread ^Cuddle^

Harriet - wishing you all the best!

Trudy - 9 is brilliant! Good luck for ET tomorrow!!!!!!!

Paula - always happens when you don't want the job (in reality) you get offered it! Still nice to know your talents have been appreciated!

Holly - sorry can't help with your drug question, but sure someone can!

Chick - sorry today's news wasn't brilliant but fingers crossed for Thursday.

Imogen - fab news for you on your fertilisation rate! See quality is good too! All the best for your ET tomorrow!

Jo P - hopefully that extra jab will do the job!

Gemma - ET today sounds like a lovely positive experience! Hope the 2ww doesn't drag tooooooo much! All the best1

Nic - good luck for your scan tomorrow!

Hun - not long till Monday for you!

Dee - why the short week (nosy me!) ;)

Carol - ahhhhhhh forgot you were meatloafing! Not surprised that your nana is cantankerous, she's had enough poking and proding hasn't she?

Love to you all

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LMAO Sue .. like you don't know! ;)

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Me again ......

Carol, hope the ops this week go well for your Nana. She must be getting pretty fed up with all of this by now .. still it will soon be all over and she will be well again. (((hugs))) to you and her! xxx

Nic - Just a thought ... does the bottom have a bell shaped bottom and therefore there is only deceptively lots left?

Hun - You are so right ... down regging is the boring bit and always seems to last forever!

Nic (Dolly) - Unfortunately, no exciting trips for me! I was away with work yesterday and didn't get back til late.

I forgot to mention earlier ... we filled our last thread in 4 days Rainbow Crew - do you reckon we will break the record on this one?

Loads of Love

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Hi Crew mates

Well it has been busy on here. I am absolutely shattered as i was kept awake last night with heartburn so this is going to be a quickie.
Imogen , Trudy and Gemma, Good luck for ET tomorrow wishing you both BFP's

Nicky So so sorry it hasnt worked for you this time. ^Cuddle^ ^Cuddle^ Sending you lots of hugs.

Paula Glad you decided on the ICSI but its nice to know you could have had the job.

Dee I know why you have Friday off ;) I would have had Thursday off if i was working too. ;) Hope you and dh had a nice evening last night and celebrated your anniversary.

Jo We know you have things going on at the moment. It wont be long before you will be cycling ^Cuddle^

Well we went to have the rest of our blood tests done today. Thankfully our GP's nurses arent jobs worths. When we came home from the hospital i found the blood forms and the doc had put down the wrong tests on the forms and missed 2 of mine. I phoned him and he asked if the gp would alter them. I explained to the nurse and she said no problem and did them. so thats all done now.
Carol you jinxed me by saying the metformin plays havoc with your bowels. I wasnt too good yesterday but hopefully it was a one off. Have posted you about your nana sending her lots of luck for a speedy recovery.
Right will be off to bed in a mo hope everyone else is doing ok will catch up soon.

Love Kim x x x x

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OK its now official. I am turning into a creature of the night as its again another late post ^vampire^
Nicky and Jim - so sorry ^group^
Fee - when I said I was drinking more I meant the non-alcoholic stuff. I have the thirst reflex of a camel which is not good as apparently you need to drink plenty when taking the drugs. I'm not going OTT though just making sure my pee is looking like lemon squash not orange juice ^zombie^
Trudy and Imogen - good luck girls with ET
Gemma - are you now in the dreaded 2ww?
Hun - do you need an AF dance yet...??
NicJ - I think drug companies add a bit extra to the bottle so that you are guaranteed 'X' amount. I got more than 60 sniffs from a bottle of Synarel and was told that there should be extra Gonal F in the bottle too (should be for the price!)
Paula - Congratulations on getting the job - clearly the best applicant. "It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" - (Tony Robbins) Your destiny is clearly ^bundle^ not stress!
Feeling a little bloated, but ok. M&S have special offer on fruit juice which is making the water taste better, which I am trying to drink (honest Lisa!)
It's almost tomorrow (weds) which will be a positive day for all I just know it ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^
Love Jakex

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Just a quickie!

I am still here, just not much going on at moment.

You all sound well & happy, keep it up it will happen!

Zoe x

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oh and o forgot ~ still no a/f ~ cd 64 today! They are gonna give me provera on friday to "bring it on!"

x x x

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Well it's dull, overcast and typically a winters morning here so I thought I would brighten my day by posting early and then hopefully getting down to some serious cupboard and wardrobe emptying. I have loads of clothes in the wardrobe that are all business suits or dresses which are now so Blake and Crystal/JR/SueEllen, so its time to ditch. So in about an hours time, you will know what I am up to!!

Harriet… Good luck with the stimms… not long to go and then the dreaded 2ww!

Gemma… Well done with ET. Wishing those little embies to grow nice and strong for their Mummy and Daddy!

Shelly … Hello and welcome to the crew.

Nicky… Thinking of you Hun! Come back and post when you are ready. We are all thinking of you in the meantime.

Chick66… Do hope tomorrow goes well for you and you get some answers.

Imogen… Hoping today is comfortable for you and that your babies are tucked up nice and snug when you read this.

Trudy… Well done! Time to relax now.

Dolly… Have been thinking about you especially at 8.30am. Looking forward to your call later with your news. Fingers X

Hun… So where is the old witch? Sorry that she isn't around yet. Always the same when we need her. By the way, loved the cluedo reference. Made me cackle!

Carol… Poor Nana. She really has been put thru it. Makes us realise that what we do is just a piece of cake in comparison. Kiss and hug for the two of you.

NicJ…When I had my stimms, the pharmacy warned me that we would get more out of a phial than was marked in order to ensure that a patient had plenty. Maybe this manufacturer has provided the same? Try not to worry. If you think you have been doing the right amount, I am sure you have.

SueL… Looking forward to meeting you and Malty on Sunday! Time to give Mel and baba a name!

Jo… Thinking of you! Wont be long but in the meantime, do take care of yourself.

Tuppa… Nice to meet you in the chat room. You are such a laugh!

Jake… Keep up the drinking game mate. It will be worth it!

ZoeB…. Hello! Hope you are ok this morning? So where is that wicked witch. It will be interesting to learn what the clinic actually think is causing the delay. I am no expert, but a friend of mine had something similar happen to her and it was a majoy body shock which caused hers to just shut down. Has anything like that happened to you? Take care!

Trudy…. I felt a bit sore too but just put that down to how much pummelling they have to do. If you are still worried why not give your clinic a call.

Paula… DH is up for the 7th! Bigtime! I wonder why? Is it because of the bluenoses!

Dee… Well the girls got you interested in chat last night, didn't they?. I was curious too as to what took place!

Kim… Hope you are feeling much better today. The heartburn? Isn't that for when you are pg? Your not are you????? Anyway, hope you feel much better now. Xxxx Any gossip on Joe? We need to know how are little man is!

I am bound to have missed loads of you too. I am sorry, but I hope I have caught up with most.


To everyone else have a good Wednesday. My DH is home tonite with his dirty washing and instructions for his next trips wardrobe. Ho Hum!

Love Dawn x

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hi girls - thanks for all your advice re extra buserelin - i phoned the clinic just to make sure and they said that sometimes the drug company does put extra in so that must be what it is. ???

Michelle - hope you feel better soon - get yourself off to bed with a hot drink and some paracetemol!!

Dawn - hope you are having fun with your clear out - are you nesting?! I cleared out my wardrobe/cupboards last weekend and I had 6 binbags full to take to the charity shop!!

Trudy - sorry to hear that you are still a bit sore. can't really help cos I had GA when I had EC and was fine afterwards. I am sure everything is normal though and it is just because of all the pulling etc that goes on down there! Hope you feel better soon and that ET went smoothly and wasn't too painful.

Zoe - hope AF turns up soon. My AF is also late (due to D/R). Good luck with your provera on Friday.

Jake - how are you getting on? have you got your first scan since stimming tomorrow? good luck! keep drinking!!

Kim - hope you are feeling better soon. Glad you got things sorted out at the doc's eventually - bit of a palava though eh?!

Dee - reckon we will have to move it if we want to break the record of 4 days!!

Carol - sorry to hear about your nan - i hope it goes well for her this week.

Nic (Dolly) - hope you got on well today at your scan.

hello to everyone i haven't mentioned - hope you are all well and coping with everything!

I am now on day 10 of D/R and like Hun am getting v bored of it - oh well - one week tomorrow and then i have my baseline scan! can't wait! fingers crossed everything will be ok!!
love nicxx

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Hey Girls,

Been reading through your "many" posts and would love to mention everyone by name but I can't!

So sending you all heaps and heaps of positive thoughts, good luck wishes and big hugs
^group^ ^group^
Laine x

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