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New home girls ..

So I know where I have to catch up from later in the week! ;) ;) Only joking! ;D ;D

Loads of Love
;D ;D ;D

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Somewhere over the Rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true!

The Cyclers!
Carol ICSI BCP 3/1 DR 22/1 EC 23/2
CarolB donor IVF
Carro (Caroline) ICSI DR 8/1
CJ FET DR 5/1, Blood Tesr 21/1, FET 5/2
Dee DR 31/1 EC 9/3
Fee FET Clomid 25/1 scan 27/1
Harriet ICSI DR 5/1, Scan 19/1, Stimms 21/1
Holly667 IVF DR 20/1
Hun IVF DR 12/1, BS 26/1, EC 9/2
Jake ICSI DR 29/12/03, BS 14/1, Scan 23/1, 24/1, EC 29/1
JenniferF IVF DR 12/12/03, Stims 19/1, Scan 26/1
Jo P ICSI DR 28/12/03, BS & Stims 14/1, scan 26/1, EC 28/1
Kate12 FET DR 9/1, BS 2/2, FET 20/2
Kimric IVF BS 7/1, Metforim for 8 weeks then March .. Go!!![/b]
Kitty1 ICSI DR 6-7/2
LadyP IVF Stims 22/1, Scans 27/1, 29/1
LB IUI Feb Scan 2/2
Lise IVF DR 26/12/03, BS 12/1, Scans 26/1, 28/1
Nic (Dolly) IVF DR 27/12/03, BS 12/1, Scans 21/1, 23/1, EC 26/1
NicJ ICSI DR 12/1, BS 29/1, EC 9/2
Paula ICSI provisional DR 6/2
S4arh Clomid Scan 27/1
Sarz FET Natual - first week in Feb
Tallulah ICSI DR 4/1
Tinkerbell64 ICSI DR 31/12/03, Stims 21/1, EC 5/2

Our Current Rainbow 2WWers!
DawnJ ICSI test 30/1
Gemma B IVF test 31/1
Imogen ICIS test 6/2
Trudy26 IVF test ??
Leni IUI test ??

The Crewmates!
Caron FET sorting out polyps first
Charlotte IVF Jan/Feb
Chick66 IUI Review appt 30/1, Ovarian drilling next maybe?
ChrisB FET Jan
Feistyblue (Claire) DIUI Feb
Fi FET Jan
Fiffi IVF sometime in 2004
Gail M IVF March
JDRobinson (Janet) review appt 17/3
Jo IVF in 2004 when all fit and well!!
Kimmy FET sometime in 2004
Larac (Lara) FET Feb/March
MichelleK FET Jan
Nicnack ICSI April
Owennicki (Nicki) ICSI Feb
Suz ICSI Jan
Shelley IUI Feb
ZoeB ICSI Starting March, EC 6/5


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A New home, how do you keep up Dee?????? ???

Just so excited, i called the clinic today as it is day 1 and spoke a different nurse who said they would accept my american smear and does not know why there was a problem with it in the first place!

So a start sniffing on the 16th feb and have my scan booked for the 3rd march, can't belive we are actually getting closer!

^reiki^Positve thoughs all the way now ^reiki^
Nicki x x x x

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Hi Everybody ;D
Just popping in to wish you all good luck with your tx.

Nic (Dolly) - fantastic news, good luck tomorrow will be thinking about you and keeping everything crossed.

No snow here either :'( :'(

Take care girls, love and luck, Bev H xxxx

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Hi there!
Rainbow Crew's gone pavolva mad!
Thought for the afternoon:
"Fertility treatment is like making a pavlova. You have to get through a number of eggies before you get the perfect pud."
Carol, you had me in total suspense with the pavlova thingie. Pleased you got your sweet treat! Well done John

Olive/Suzie welcome to thread!
Paula - yeah, FSH-ok. Well done!
Jo - good luck girl. Will be with you soon on the 2ww ^scared^
Hun - don't leave us now. I'm sure midnight postings on your pc will be fine ;)
Dolly - thinking of you today with the news of your embies. Good luck with ET tomorrow.
Lisa - mate. Hope you got the news you wanted from the scan today. Have been thinking of you and trying to picture us in Tesco's 9months from now ;)

Off for a little walk in the snow/slush for a lunch-treat in town. Going stir crazy today so need to get out.
I promise to shave my legs tonight (Paula ;D) to avoid scarring the nurses and will think quality eggie thoughts (for collection tomorrow, not pavlova - hee hee)
Love to all

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Hello Paula

Thats fantastic news about February & your FSH levelsm yes your right....Fab-tastic !!!

Loads of luck to you & cant wait to see you cycling again

Loads of love Amanda xxx

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Hey Girls,

Nic (Dolly) Good luck with the ET tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.

Jake - Good luck to you too for tomorrow.

Paula - So pleased for you Feb 6th isn't far away now.

Good luck everyone else.

Laine x

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Hi everyone,

Just calling in to wish you all well.

I work in Milton Keynes and we were sent home early. Well, I spent half an hour trying to get out of the car park and now I am back at my desk because the roads are grid-locked!!

I hope you are all safe and warm.

Nicnack xx

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Dolly and Jake - Wishing you lots of perfect eggs for tommorow...
Paula great news about the FSH!
Carol - no posts since the pavlova - hope its not a bad sign......
Nicnak - hope you get home tonight ok petal - took me 1 hour 40 mins on a normal 40 minute journey - also nearly ran a poor lady over on a zebra crossing - I was doing about 5 mph, braked as she stepped out and just didn't stop.....take good care.
Chick- hope the estate agent had good news for you - youre sounding much more positive - just hang on in there with that attitude and you'll get your dream.
Good news nicki - not long to wait!

Hope everyone I haven't mentioned is feeling groovy, stay home, eat soup, watch crap TV, and hang on to the dreams. I'm building up to the first stabbing on Friday and I CANT WAIT!

Love and snowfairies!
Hun xx

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Wow - we've gone from blizzard conditions and inches of snow in seconds, to slush and that disappointing feeling when it all goes away. Managed to make a weenie snowman in the garden though ;D

Carol - YES! Positive thinking. Hopefully it will be the last AF pain for a very long time !!

Gemma - hope you are doing OK on 2ww. Posted to Dawn today, but realised you are only a day behind - so thinking of you too.

Nicki - MANY many congratulations on your news. You're on your way hun :)

Chick - you are like me with the old snow ^snowman^ Lolly, Rich and I just had a snowball fight in the garden. Such fun. simple pleasures of life !! But I do hate it when the slush turns to ice, - cos I'm a very nervous driver on ice!!

Paula - Fantastic news that your 6th date has been confirmed. Really, really pleased for you that it can go ahead, cos I know this time of year is good for you. After all you and Peter went through last year - just wanted to say not only am I sending positive vibes to your frosties, but really hoping that this time together reaffirms all that you really mean to each other. (Sorry -I've gone as slushy as the weather!!)

Dolly HEAPS of luck with ET tomorrow.

Dee - How are you doing? Thanks for keeping this list up to date - it really is invaluable. My next scan date is 9th Feb.

Nicnack - hope you got home OK. Sounds awful.

Hun - only 2 more sleeps until you start!!! :) Good luck to you.

Heaps of love to all

Fee xxxxxxx

(a certain girl has been very quiet today - but in case you are reading this Dawn - You're tucked up right in my heart)

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Hi Everyone,

Well thank you all for the follie dance as it has worked but potentially too well. After the scan today i have 16 follies on the left and 6 on the right, 1 is size 20 and all the rest are betwen 12-16, the problem is now thay are talking about OHSS again ^scared^

At one stage they were talking about abandoning the cycle then it depended upon the oestrogen results. After waiting for the result (with negative thoughts) it turns out my oestrogen levels were ok ^confused^
So now i have to stab til saturday have another scan and blood test and IF my oestrogen is ok and the follies have grown then EC will be monday

So very confused, angry and full of why us again at the moment!! ^censored^ ^furious^

I hope everyone else is ok and everything is going to plan, sorry to be so down but the roller coaster has been playing overtime on us today.

Lots of love


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Nicki - good news on your USA smear being accepted!

Carol - bet you and John were ^pig^ last night with the pavlova, glad it was yum! Sorry the drugs are kicking in........ (((((((((hugs)))))))))).

Paula - great news for you, no provisional list any more! It's the real thing!

NicNack - hope you got home safely!

Chick - great news on your house!

Lise - if the hospital were really worried about OHSS the would be coasting you, without you stabbing until Saturday for another scan ((((((hugs)))))) the whole thing is very hard, I'll stop follie dancing for you now!

Dee - not long now!!!!!

Jo - hope today was OK.

Love to you all

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hi girlies - hope everyone is safe and warm at home by now! luckily i left work early and got home by 6 but my poor dad and brother are stuck in traffic and have been since 4.30 - what a nightmare! hopefully it won't be as bad as last year though eh?!

well lots of good news on here today!

Lisa - hope you are feeling ok now - sorry to hear you are a bit stressed out about everything but sounds like things will be ok so good luck for the next few days!

Chick - great news re valuation ^thumbsup^ there's plenty of equity there for you to borrow against if needs be then! fingers crossed for your job interview too!

Fee - i know what you mean about the snow - i love it! i hope it stays around for a bit - am working at home tomorrow and i love looking out at my white garden!! don't think we have enough for a ^snowman^ though! :(

carol - sorry to hear you are having a bad time on your drugs - hope you feel better soon! it will all be worth it in the end!

NicNack - hope you got home ok in the end and you weren't stuck at your desk all night!

Paula - great news on your FSH and that you can get started. Hope you enjoy your day to yourself tomorrow!

Dolly and Jake - good luck for tomorrow - will be thinking of you both!! Jake - I will be at Bourn tomorrow but i will be in outpatients - hope everything goes ok with your EC!

Hi SueL - hope you are ok!

Dee - not long for you -hope you are ok today....

I have got my baseline scan tomorrow at 10am- just hope that i can get there ok and that it doesn't snow anymore tonight! I can't see the country roads to Bourn being very clear!!! so looking forward to getting started - fingers crossed - reckon i will start stabbing on Friday also if everything is ok - so we will be stimming buddies Hun!! ;D

hello to everyone i haven't mentioned - hope you are all ok
love nicxxx

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Hello Lady Rainbows,

Chick…. Fantastic news about the valuation! That’s wonderful that there is some money in the pot for when you need it. You have been so positive throughout and you truly deserve some happiness now. I am thrilled that maybe things can get back on track for you.

Fee…. Oh how you made me smile.. The three of you in the garden making a snowman. Good old fashioned fun that doesn’t cost a penny. I wish I could have joined in. Not too sure whether I will be going to the hospital yet. All depending on Friday and the result.

Carol… ‘Poor ole you’. These bloody drugs throw us off balance and we sometimes forget what an impact they can have on our bodies. You stop worrying and take some time out for you now. You have been running around for weeks now looking after everyone else, so I think it is time that you took a bit more care of you. I just wish I could be nearer so I could perhaps do some errands for you and look after you.

Hun… Good luck for Friday sweetheart. You are on the Homewood straight now and have the red tape at the end of it in sight. Fingers x for you.

OwenNicki… Not long until you are on your way too. I send much love, good luck and babydust for your dream to come true.

Kitty….Great news about your bloods. So glad you are here with us and keeping us company.

BevH…..Howdey Matey! Sorry we didn’t get to meet on Sunday. Definitely next time. Thanks too for your good wishes and support. It has meant a lot.

Jake….. Wishing you loads of luck for tomorrow too. I will be thinking of you all day.

Paula…. Hope that you are having a great day off. You see, being a jailer is damm hard work, so its time for you now sweetie to get yourself ready for the next few weeks. I will be with you every step of the way, just as you have been for me. Between us, we will get those babies in our arms.

Amanda …. High there Mrs Gorgeous! How are you? I always think to ask after Millie but I also want to know how you are? Hope you are ok and enjoying being a Mum!

Laine… Sorry I missed your call today. Hopefully we can chat again soon? I did appreciate the thought. Hope you are ok?

Nicnack….Oh poor you with that awful journey home!. Hope you are safe and tucked up at home now!

Dee… Only one more work day and then you too can have a day chilling at home. Thanks for the lovely encouraging messages. God is the 2ww harder than I thought.

Olive/Susie…. Nice to have you along with us!

S4rah… Hello. Sorry I don’t seem to have caught up with where you are in tx but looking forward to getting to know you soon.

Nic (Dolly) ……. I will be on tender hooks all day for you tomorrow. Get those lovely little ones back on board and keep them safe. I am sending you much love and luck so that this will be the ‘one’.

SueL.. Thanks for all of your support and keeping an eye on me. Hope you are ok too and looking after yourself. For goodness sake, be careful in all this ice and snow please!

Jo… Congratulations to you and Paul on becoming Godparents to Jessica. Jessica is a very lucky little girl to have such wonderful people like you and Paul to guide and protect her. Thrilled for you both! Xx

Lise.... Well done... you are doing so well. Wishing you loads of luck for this to work for you.

To everyone else and I know there are a few I have missed tonite, thinking of you and sending love to you.

Love Dawn x

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^snowman^ ^snowman^ ^snowman^
Just to let you know my DH is fom Aberdeen and we came up at the weekend, and it's freezing, this was suppost to be a mini holiday, the snow is 6-7 inches and still coming, my mother in law is cursing me, as i was doing snow dances round the house and within an hour we were white over! ^snowman^ ^snowman^ ^snowman^

!!!!!I love it!!!!!!

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Dolly Good luck with the ET ;D ;D

Jake Good luck with the EC ;D ;D

Lise 16 and 6 follies well done fingers crossed for EC on mon ;D ;D

Dawn J will be thinking of you tommorrow and I'll be keeping everything crossed for you ;D ;D ;D ;D

Gemma B good luck for sat I will crossing everything for you too ;D ;D ;D ;D

My EC went well yesterday they retrieved 16 eggs and could perform ICSI on all of them, and this morning they rang and told us 10 have fertilised so we are over the moon. I'm booked in on fri for ET and they will freeze the rest either fri or up to 5 days later!

Good luck to everyone else with the down regging, stims and scan's.

Jo P


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hi girls!

welcome Holly - are you on a short protocol then? sounds like it... good luck with your scan next week!

carol :( re the jab - i moan at my poor DH when it hurts bless him!! hope you got it sorted in the end!
have a relaxing time at reflexology - will be interesting to see what they tell you eh? does the guy know you are having IVF?

JoP - excellent news re your EC - wow loads of embryos!! ;D bet you are well chuffed! good luck with ET tomorrow!

Owenicki - hope you are still enjoying the snow! it has mostly melted here and is now brown slush - nice!! no snowmen for us :( it has been a gorgeous day though and the sun has been shining all day - lovely! ^sunny^

Dawn - haven't checked the 2ww wait board but am thinking of you and hope you get your positive soon!!

well i posted last night aswell so i dont need to mention everyone again but i am thinking of you all!! xx

had my baseline scan today and everything is fine. womb lining was 1.6mm and bloods have come back fine so have been given the go ahead to start on the gonal-f tomorrow!! HURRAH!! ^banana^ :D ^thumbsup^
have my first scan next Thursday.
Bourn was absolutely HEAVING today - i have never seen it so busy!! the staff there are great though! :)
well am getting v excited about it all now - i really really really hope it is going to work this time. fingers crossed eh, for all of us

speak soon
love nicxxx ^jumpin^


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Hi Girls,

Thank you all so much for all your support, I really don't know what I would do without it.

We I had ET today, when we arrived they said that they have got 2 good 6 cell embryos ready to be transered, but when they showed them to us they had divided again so I had 2 8 cell embryos transered this morning. I'm really pleased, just need to wait now (the easy bit ;D). They are going to scan me again on Wednesday as I have been in pain, so they will check for signs of OHSS.

Can anyone tell me if it's OK to have an internal scan during your 2ww? Sorry first of many worries i should think.

I need to phone on Monday to see if our remaining 7 embryos have made it to blast ready for the big freeze.

JoP - Congratulations, we are mirroring each other. They are great at the Nuffield aren't they - GOOD LUCK for ET tomorrow.

Dawn - Lots of love and special wishes for you - rest up ;)

Paula - Fantastic news, I'm so pleased for all. I hope your enjoying your day off.

Dee - How's the snow where you are, we had a downpour yesterday and it's still here - not enough to build a snowman yet ;D

Fee - Sounds like you had alot of snow, is your snowman still there?

Carol - Pavlova sounded lovely, poor John but at least he gives it a go. I hope your injection tonight/today goes smoothly.

Hun - Good luck for tomorrow.

Lisa - Thinking of you - Hang in there - Good luck Monday.

Jake - How are you ?

NicJ - How did your scan go?
I promise to catch up again later - Love to everyone and thanks for all your thoughts.
Nic (Dolly)


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Nic (Dolly) we must have been posting at the same time!

great news re your ET - now just relax and take things easy for a while! fingers crossed for your other embryos - hope they make it to blast for you!

not sure re internal scan on 2ww but i'm sure the clinic will know if it's ok or not. hope you are feeling better soon
take care
love nicjxx

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Hey Girls,

Nic (Dolly) Good luck in the 2ww. Take things easy and look after yourself.

Nic - Glad the scan went o.k.

Jo P - Good luck for the ET tomorrow.

Hun - Hope the stabbing goes ok tomorrow.

Hi everyone else....

Laine x

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