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I drank raspberry tea, and took agnus castus with other vits and I'm 10 weeks and 3 days preggers :)

Why don't you have a read of the post Agnus Castus worked for me. There are a few of us talking about the pro's and con's of it.

Good luck on whatever you decide :)

Take care

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you should also read this thread on agnus castus


Basically it's a tonic for women post-menopause, and it's used as a herbal alternative to HRT.
It is supposed to help regularise cycles for people with premenopausal symptoms too. For people with high FSH it can help but it's not right for everyone. Probably best not to take it without advice from a qualified herbalist or homeopath about your specific circumstances. Eg if you are already regular and have low FSH it may put your cycle more out of kilter than help it.

Wheatgrass, as far as I know, is just full of nutrients and enzymes, people use it for detox.

Raspberry leaf tea is used to 'tone up' your uterus - women take it in the last few months of pregnancy and I also think it helps to bring on labour. It can also be drunk for painful periods. I don't think it is supposed to be helpful for conceiving.

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