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Please see my comments in your text:

Deborah said:
Hi peter,
I am about 8 weeks pregnant natural conception after a failed ICSI cycle, and I am interested about the cord stem cells. I have been onto the site you listed in one of your messages and thought it was very interesting. I am seeing the midwife at the end of the month and wondered whether I need to mention it to her straight away that I wanted this procedure done??

It is a good idea to mention that you may want to do this to your midwife. You will no doubt find that she knows everything about the procedure but if not please refer her to me on [email protected] or mobile 07903 902178.

or do I wait until i go to the hospital ( I am under the care of community midwives so will not go to hospital until 12 week scan and then 20 week scan)

Se above, mention it anyone who is involved in your care.

also do all hospitals have the necessary equipment to do this procedure?

No special equipment is needed in fact all that is needed is in rhe collection kit. It is a very simple procedure, in some cases husbands' have done the actual collection!

Also is there anything else I should know or ask about before I go??

Nothing really. If there are any problems or questions
which arise please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many Thanks Peter, and I am glad to hear little Catie is doing well.

Thanks, she is gaining a pound a week now and on solids!!



Deborah xxx
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