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Liz11 said:
Hello Peter
I would like another opinion from my clinic

I have just had a day 2 transfer and one embi was 3 cel and the other was 4 when frozen but changed back to 2 on the day ?

I assume that this was an FET. The embryo at 4 cell lost 2 cells during the thaw. This is relatively common and does not necessarily mean bad embryos.

how would you say the quality of these were ?

They sound average

they said one was a grade 2 . can you get lower than this or do they say 2 for all emibies they are disapointed with ?

Yes, as far as I know Bourn Hall uses grades 1-4 where 1 is the best.

I only produced 3 eggs on this cycle

Has the same thing happened before?

and they are also worried about the overall quality of my womb as althogh it appeard good at the start of the treatment on the day of Egg Collection the Doctor said 2 thirds of it did not look as it should.

This is a bit too vague for me to comment. You may find it useful to consider an embryology consultation (by post) as described at the top of my message page.

Good luck!


I would really appreciate your view


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