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bunny2020 said:
hi peter i had frozen tf on th 1st june and had a blood test on the 18 june i was neg ok.

Sorry to hear that

then came on period 18 untill the 20 . i have not had any at all hormone treament since the 9 may/ . yesterday i started to bleed and i am today still loseing blood. humm what can this been i take hrt due to my ovrarys not working at all i had cancer to hip and pelvis some years ago and had horried raduiom that kiled my ovrays. thats why i take h.r.t 0.6.2 prem pac .c. , i went to the hospital and they say it could be my ovray trying to work is that TRUE ?.

Possibly, the ovarian tissue can survive chemo and radiotherapy sometimes.

or do you know what it could be peter . the nurse told me i had proteen in my water as well what is that.

This is probably an infection and needs checking out asap with your GP.

i have to go back to the hospital on monday and have a scan but i can not stop worrying about it , my be some thing is trying to work or could there be a little bit of hormone still in me to have a bleed from may. or that they call it a break through bleed due to the drugs

It is almost certainly all related to the drugs used.

Good luck!!


humm hope you can help i ahve not been in any pain at all like pd pain. many many thanks peter... angela bunny2020 ^shake^
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