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fidget said:
Hi Peter

Just need a second opinion please. We have had 2 ivf cycles, both we thought due to my husbands poor sperm count (with icsi). The first cyle with menupor i did not stimulate at all. So ? pof mentioned. I have had 1 fsh of 12.7,

This is borderline high which might expalin the possible poor egg quality

the rest normal. Second cycle= 5 follies, only 3 big enough for ec. EC=2 eggs. Neither fertilised with icsi.

This is very disappointing.

Was on high dose 225 fsh drug. Met with our Dr yesterday, who said we could do another cycle, but i have read alot and feel that if i haven;nt responded before i won't the next time. I am quite realistic and believe my egg quality is poor too, hence no fertilisation. Do you agree with this.

Possibly although another cycle (if possible) would help to confirm this idea or refute it.

At present we are considering ED and will not do another IVF/ICSI. Just wanted to check there is no point in doing another cycle before we put it to bed all together.

As you had low egg numbers it might be worth trying once more using the highest level of stimulation possible. If you got more eggs you might get a good one or two in there which will fertilise and then you stand as much chance as anyone else.



Thanks for any comments Becky.
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