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deborah said:
These tests are interpreted in various ways. It does not predict the menopause in any way and in my opinion the test is not very useful. Don't worry and enjoy your pregnancy.

Have a read of my umbilical cord blood information or click on the cryocare link at the bottom of my message. It's well worth doing.



Hi Peter,

I wonder if you could settle a debate for me??
I had my ovarian reserve levels tested some time ago at my clinic. The results came back as "borderline". I didn't understand the whole inhibin B / ovarian reserve thing so I asked one of the nurses at my clinic to explain this to me, Her explanation was as follows;
my ovarian reserve was 75.(I think this was the figure) This means I have 75 more periods ( cycles) to go through before I am menopausal. Due to the fact that at egg collection I had 26 eggs removed this means I have "lost" over two years worth of cycles.
I have asked my GP if this is correct and he said that no, the number is not an indication of when the menopause will start, also a good friend of mine is a doctor and she said this is not the case too. I am pregnant at the moment and at some stage hope (fingers crossed) to have another baby, but surely if I am not far off menopause this would not happen?? I am 33 years old.
Also as a matter of interest , I know that other patients at the clinic I attended have been told the same thing.
Peter, thanks in advance for the advice
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