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In my infinite wait to start my IVF, I am trying everything possible to keep calm and distracted - today I was even gardening in the rain!

Anyway, I wanted to pass on the details of something that I found found that is fab....

To prepare myself, I went a bit mad on amazon and have got a cd - "Making Babies - IVF Support, Self Hypnosis and Relaxation"  by Joanne Scurr.

Once you make it through to the end of the CD (about 40 mins, although I fell asleep the first couple of times I tried) it is amazing.

I am not one normally for meditation but the whole journey you go on through this CD can do nothing but make you positive and hopefull for your treatment and the visualisation that you work to is fantastic.

If I can stop myself falling asleep with my nano on with this, then it will really help me keep calm and focused.

Just thought I would pass this on.

Good luck to us all

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