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Hi Ladies,

Was hoping for some advice please and maybe some examples of how your day goes regarding feeds with 8 month old twins.

My boys are 8 months today but were born at 31 weeks.  Until yesterday this was the routine:

7am        200 - 250ml formula milk feed

11am      Porridge and fruit made with formula milk (about 200ml)

3pm        Homemade puree meal and dessert

7pm        200 - 250ml formula milk feed

Asleep by 7.30 - 8pm and slept until about 6am.

We saw the HV yesterday who advised moving porridge earlier to 9 or 10am and introducing a solid lunch around 12 or 1pm.  Then a late afternoon solid feed around 4 or 5pm.  Keep the 7am and 7pm bottles.

Does this sound similar to your routines? Much as my boys seem to like their food, it does seem like quite a lot of feeds to me......How do you get anything else done or have to time to get them out anywhere? It almost feels like a step backwards to 3hr feeds with no time to do anything inbetween.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi there,
My twins are six months but I suppose with adjusted age of yours then they shouldn't be that disimilar? I think 3 milk feeds is normal at 8 months. I think they are probably getting just the right amount as they are still meant to be getting at least 20oz in milk when on solids.

Our routine is like this:

7.30 - Formula feed of approx 240ml
8.15/30 - Porridge

11 - Formula feed approx 240ml (b) 200ml (g)

2 - Lunch - Puree & dessert
2.30 - Formula feed up to 240ml

5pm - Tea - Puree & dessert

6.15pm - Formula feed up to 240ml then bed

Lunch was going nowhere with solids so I've changed it to giving them it first followed by a bottle and found it hasn't reduced how much milk they take. We have a late lunch as they are usually napping from 11.30-1.30.
I usually get out and about after breakfast and let them have their morning nap in the buggy or go out later in the morning and feed them their 11 bottle out and then they can have their long lunchtime nap in buggy.


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Hi, my girls are 7 and half months and our day goes something like this

7.30am Breast feed
8am Porridge with fruit
12.15 Protein lunch followed by yogurt & fruit with water
About 3pm Breast feed
5pm Tea (finger foods and mashed fruit/veg with rusk or rice)
6.30pm 150ml formula
7.45pm Breast feed
Sleep 8pm - 7.15am

Tend to go out in the mornings as that's my biggest gap or after 3pm breast feed. You might find you can bring their porridge even further forward after a bit to give you time to go out.

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Mine were 12 weeks early and by 8 months were on a similar routine your HV suggested food wise but not the milk! To be honest they were never huge milk drinkers and solids went down much better so it was easy to ween the milk back

Mine was

7 - milk (6oz)
9 - breakfast - porridge, toast etc
11.30 / 12 - lunch - meat, pasta / pototo, veg and a milky pudding
12-2.30 sleep
3 - snack with milk (but rarely had the milk)
4.30 / 5 tea
6.30 milk
7 - bed (6oz)

They were on Nutriprem 2 milk. We did have weight gain issues which were helped by adding full fat double cream, full fat cheese and unsalted butter to their food. Without doubt by 12 months they were only having 2 lots of milk a day xx


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Hi everyone,  thank you for your reply's.  Good to see how the day goes for other twin mums.

Have tried a new routine today. . . . ds1 has the stronger appetite so took everything!  Ds2 struggled to get down all the milk that was offered but still managed 500ml over the day. Might need a few tweaks here and there but we'll learn as we go.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. X
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