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Does anyone have a routine they can advise me of for my DD who is nearly 8 months old? She still isn't sleeping through the night, even though pretty much on 3 meals a day plus pudding (some days are better than others) she also is now not having proper naps during the day in her cot. She'll sleep no probs in her pram but do not want to rely on this.

I go back to work in July and my parents will be looking after her for those 2 days per week. I need my sleep back and a strict routine going as I'm tearing my hair YET again :'( :'( ^eyes^ ^eyes^


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Read 'Baby Whisperer' and 'Contented Little Baby'. Both offer routines and help with sleeping. I've used both to develop a routine for my daughter. Mostly I've stuck with a loose version of 'Contented Little Baby' and bizarrely when we're out and about people keep saying "What a contented, happy little baby you have."  ^idiot^  Good luck!  ^hugme^

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I find that if Ellis doesn't get about 2.5 to 3 hours of daytime sleep, he wakes several times between bedtime and 11pm before settling to sleep (although he does then sleep through the night)  because he's overtired.

His routine at the mo is more or less as follows:

7.30am wake - b/f
8.30am breakfast
10am  - nap (usually 1 to 1.5 hours)
12pm - lunch (main and pud)
2.30pm - bottle
3pm - nap (usually 1 to 1.5 hours)
5pm tea (main and pud - usually all or part finger food)
7pm bottle
7.30pm bed

The inbetween times are filled with play, nappy changes, dressing, bathtime etc. I'm not totally happy with it mainly because of the positioning of the afternoon bottle as I would prefer him to nap after lunch but it's working for us at the mo. I certainly notice it with his nighttime sleep when I've had to cut nap due to being at the supermarket or something!

Hope that helps a bit.



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Hiya babe,

I'm sorry you are still having a tough time.  My routine with J is as follows.

7am Bottle
8.30 Breakie + bottle (usually wbix made with 3 ox from his bottle)
9.30 Sleep (usually 1.5 hrs)
11am small piece of fruit if hungry
12.30 Lunch and Bottle (now a sandwich chopped really small +petit filous)
3pm Sleep (usually 1.5 hrs)
4.30pm Tea and water- (eg cottage pie + pud)
7pm Bath
7.20pm Massage
7.30pm Bottle
Asleep by 8
Sometimes a bottle at 11pm, although this is becoming less often.

J wakes anywhere between 5.30 and 7 and I have decided to accept this.  If he does wake earlier he will often go back after and hour and then wake at 8am.

Not sure whether this helps.

Love to you and Mol.

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