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carl said:
Hi Peter,
I have been following the notice board for the past while and finally getting around to posting my question.
We have been ttc for 5 yrs and saw consultant this year who dx male factor - sa 8% density with 11% abnormal 37% motility and hyperviscosity. While we were told this is low we did not have any other explanation of the result - ie are there any positives to this which means natural conception likely.My investigationswere apparently okay - regular cycle etc. He suggested we go for IVF which we initially declined but since have written to him to advise we will go ahead with this option and are awaiting reply.

I need more detail on the semen side before I can make any useful observations. Perhpas you could post the full assessment results?

We have started mineral / vitamens (lycopene!)as suggested on previous posts to see if this help.
I have so many questions going through my head but if you could answer these two it would help.
Is hyperviscosity treatable or will this prevent any pg no matter what we try to increase motility / count etc?

High viscosity can be dealt with easily in the lab

Do you think we have a small chance without IVF?

A good cahnce

I am 33 DH 30.
Also from reading other posts I realise no blood tests other examinations were done on DH (he has varicocele but urologist did not give much hope on success with removal of same). Do you think we should pursue this?

yes, he will need a full medical check.
Good luck!


Any help would be a benefit.
I have realised just how little I know about the whole proceedure since following these posts - wish I had found this site before we starting attending consultant!

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