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Hi everyone,

I have PCOS and we have recently discovered that we will need ICSI treatment as we also have male factors. The following results were obtained 3 weeks apart and at two different hospitals and I am slightly confused.

1st - count 3.6 million and 5% normal forms(GP)
2nd - count 4.7 milliion and no normal forms found(Gyn)
3rd - count 20 million and some normal forms seen(Gyn)

Dh has started on the vitamins suggested in Marylin Glenvilles book and has cut down on alcohol(he wasn't a big drinker anyway) and caffine. He is quite fit and has now stopped using the laptop on his knee and sleeping with no boxers on.

We also had a think back and have just realised that 3-4 months proir to providing these samples, Dh had a cold which turned into a chest infection and he needed antibiotics. This dragged on for a few weeks and I was wondering if this might be a contributing factor to the poor results or if I am just being opimistic.

Before discovering the poor sa result, we were going to try IUI next year but we are now awaiting ICSI and will not see anyone again until July next year with treatment starting spring 2006.

I was just looking for advice on what we could do next or should we just wait until seeing the infertility docs next year?

Thanks Masie

Sorry this has turned into a book and thanks for reading.

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Masie - Don't see the antibiotics causing an issue sperm takes about 7 weeks from start to finish.  You may find stress a larger factor on your DP.

I don't know much about abnormal forms but I'll check around, however the doctors probably have some experiance.  I wouldn't say just wait but while you are, look around on the web for information, a lot of doctors like to publish papers and you may find some reasoning. 

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