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Right while i have 5 mins i will try and write this. I have tried 4 times now  ;D

I had planned a lovely homebirth for my little one and was really excited that i had reached 37 weeks coz it meant if i went into labour then i would be able to stop at home. ( even though i had, had so many arguments with my consultant and MW about a homebirth )

Anyway Friday 4th April me DH and dd ( off nursery poorly  :( ) all went off to hospital for a growth scan. I had been having scans every few weeks because dd was only 5lb 7 born so classed as a low birth weight plus the fact i wanted a home birth so they were just checking things were OK. Which up until that day were.

Went in for the scan and i knew something was wrong because she kept scanning in the same place. And i just kept looking at her face and could tell. She then asked if the baby was still active....yes........have i lost any fluid.......erm not sure i have told my MW that i thought i may have.
With that i was rushed down to pregnancy day care to be checked out to see if it was my waters that had been leaking because they had dropped from 150mm to 49mm in a couple of weeks but also her growth had slowed down  :-\.
Was examined by a MW who said it wasn't my waters that had leaked so i needed to be seen by a consultant  :eek: At this point poor dd started to be sick because it was so hot in there  :'( ^hugme^ I had a snotty student MW who started saying things like " oh dint let her be sick near me i have children at home" and as soon as the consultant came she said to her " hurry up and discharge these coz that little one is being sick every where"  ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^ :mad: :mad: As if i wasn't stressed enough at this point.
Consultant did an internal and a sweep  :eek: :eek: OUCH  :'(  ^eyes^ And said she couldn't feel the membranes and that if i had any then they wee very tight so she was calling my consultant to see what to do now.
At this point i was really panicing because i had my 2 older ones at home because they broke up early for half term and my ds needed fetching from school so had to get them to fetch him. Talk about a stressfull day and it hadn't even begun.
Half an hr later the MW came back and asked if the consultant had been to talk to me....erm NO. She then explained that it wasn't my waters that had gone and with them being low and the fact her growth had slowed it indicated there was a problem with the placenta so they would induce me NOW  :eek: :eek: :'(
At that point i burst into tears coz it was all too much. I had my babies at home waiting for me my poor dd poorly needed me and no bags etc. Luckily i had them all packed at home just in case.
So off we went to the delivery suite  :eek: :eek: I was put in a labour room with a cot and everything  :eek: And OK this was starting to get scarey. I wasn't going home without my baby  :eek:
I had a lovely MW come in to sort me out and bless her she even said that dd could stay if she wanted to  ^hugme^ Which is totally different to my own community MW who was moaning about the children being in the house when i had a home birth  ^bigbad^ And it also turned out that she lived up the road from me and her granny used to live in my street so that gave us plenty to talk about and distract me from the fact that thanks to the sweep i was getting mild contractions every 5 mins.
Anyway i Had to wait for the Dr to come ina nd explain what was going to happen so i sent DH home with dd to my mum and to get my bags.
Dr came in at 3:30 and told me that they would try and break my waters and put me on the drip  :mad: At which point i said " o way am i going on that drip" the Dr said she didn't think i would go into labour with out it as there wasn't enough water round the baby to make me go into labour once they were broke. So i said if i have to have the drip I'm having the epidural first  ;D I know I'm a wuss but i have had the drip before and never again coz the pain is sooooooo bad with it.  :(
I was feeling so emotional at this point coz i was all alone. If it wasn't for Lizzym txting me and making me laugh  ;D I would have been in tears. Anyone need a birth partner just ask her  ;D ^hugme^ ^hugme^
7:30pm another Dr came in to break my waters and still no DH  :'(
Well that Dr is so lucky i didn't get off the bed and smash his face in :mad: ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^ The pain was unreal  :eek: :'( :'( Turns out its coz i was 0.5cm dilated  :eek: They aren't meant to do it till you are at least 3cm  :mad: and all i felt was a little trickle of fluid  :eek: And poor bub's heart rate went really fast, which really worried me but the MW said its normal  for it to go up after  ^idiot^ :(
DH turned up 2 mins later with a huge bouquet of flowers bless him and food  ;D. I asked if he had heard me screaming from the car park  ;D ;D
Dr gave me an hr to go into labour on my own or i had to have the drip  :(
Well contractions started to get regular but the stupid machine wasn't picking them up  :mad: plus each contraction i had was in my back  :'( I felt like it was breaking so I'm guessing she was back to back at that point coz i have never had contractions like that before.
8:30pm the MW said that i couldn't have an epidural because they were all doing a section so they would have to leave me a little longer  ^pray^ Thank god  ;D By 9:30pm i needed the gas and air coz the contractions were getting really strong at that point but STILL not registering on the machine so the MW had to sit for 10 mins with her hand on my belly to see how strong they were and how often.
Gas and air was great at this point  ;D
10pm 4 Dr's came in the room  :eek: FREAK SHOW  ;D one asked if she could examine me which i told her she would have to wait until my contraction had gone  ;D
I then heard her say i was 3cm and fully effective  :eek: :'( :'( The MW saw my face drop and explained that i had gone from having a shut long cervix to it being short and open in 2 1/2 hrs which was very good. All i could think was that i was gonna be in pain for hrs coz the anesthetist was doing another section so still no epidural  ;D
10:20pm the contractions were so strong and almost constant that i asked for pethodine. I have always said i wouldnt have it coz it makes so many sick but they said they would put an anti sickness in with it.
Poor MW came in with it and asked DH what was on tv and i snapped at her " like I'm watching the bloody tv"  :-[ oops poor woman  ;D
Was told the pethadine takes 20 mins to kick in  :eek: oh joy when all of a sudden i get the urge to push. Mw's were running round getting things ready and dhjust sat in the chair  ??? ^idiot^ Mw sad " oh your very calm aren't you" and i sat up and said " thats coz he is an **** hole"  ;D ;D The mw's thought it was coz i was in labour but i explained that i always call him names  ;D
2 pushes and i felt her crown  :eek: :eek: Mw's kept telling me to stop pushing but it wasn't happening  ;D She said "  i have your babies head in my hands " i said " bloody good for you"  ;D 1 more push and she was out. First thing i said was " woohoo i have a baby with hair"  ^idiot^ ;D ;D Then i made sure she was a SHE  ;D
DH even got to cut the cord which he hasnt done before.
The placenta was delivered 15 mins later even though i had the jab to help it along. And i had a 1st degree tear but no stitches.
Poor little Freya was totally covered in vernex nd couldn't even open her eyes coz they were stuck together  ^eyes^ And she was totally blue round her mouth and chin coz she had fetal distress from being born so quick. Total labour was 2hrs 57 but second stage was only 2 mins. And i had gone from 3cm to 10 in half hr  ;D Thank god  ^pray^

We were left then till 4am in the delivery room before being taken up to the ward  :eek: Thats the only complaint i had coz i was so tired all i wanted to do was sleep.
Mw on the ward said Freya had breating problems coz she was making funny squeeky noises. I thought it was just baby noises  ;D But she said it was coz of her fast birth and she should settle.
DH went home at 4:30am and i was just about to get my head down at 5am when she opened her eyes for the first time  :'( ^hugme^ I couldn't sleep then coz i was watching her watchin me  ;D ;D

My labour wasn't as easy as my homebirth and it was my worst nightmare being strapped to the bed all through labour but she arrived safe and thats all that matters.
I love my little girl so much but i still miss being pregnant

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Congratulations Sally, Freya is one gorgeous little girl  :p

Nikki xx

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Hi Sallyanne  :-*

Freya, is gorgeous hon, what a shocker  :eek: just having to go in like that, good that you were organised with hospital bags booked though!

Louj x  :)

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Great story hun!!

Glad you got me in it would have cried if you didnt!!!!

Yes people it is i that made her laugh, oh the texts were great!! So if you ever need me folks pm me  ;D ;D ;D ;D

x x x
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