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Olivia, will work my way down your questions if that is OK.
Endo should be thicker but if follicle hasn´t reached right size then it still has time to thicken up further.
You do sound like you have lots of follicles, do you have pco? You say you surge on day 16, is that by urine tests and do you get a definate negative before seeing a positive? If you do then it is a true surge, the nurse is advising not to do them as if you have a +ve all the time then it cannot tell you when you will ovulate as the level of LH in you is high all the time. I think it would be important to know the actual sixe of the leading follicle. It needs to be 16mm+ and if not there yet, then a further scan is needed especially to check that no more than one or two of the follicles habve grown up. You don´t need all of them!!
I hope this helps, do let me know if you have any other queries.

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