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I'd been into hospital a couple of times before Christmas with small bleeds, which were a result of my placenta previa major. Mine was a grade 4 - completely covering the exit and high risk. After Christmas I had a much bigger bleed and was admitted to stay there on bedrest until the c-section. Life on the hospital ward was pretty dull but I had a window bed and there were other ladies who had been there much longer than me for similar reasons, so I didn't feel so bad. I also had the knowledge this time that the c-section was only a week away and the end was in sight.

So lots of sleepless nights - you wouldn't believe how much some ladies snored! And how loudly! One night I thought there was an old man in the bed next to me it was so loud. In a room with 3 other beds, ladies came and went with their various ante-natal problems.

Sunday 16th January started off as a normal Sunday in hospital - rice crispies for breakfast washed down with a strong cup of tea. I had lots of drs visits in the morning to get me ready for the c-section for the next day. I had the anaesthetist visit, putting a fresh canula in my left hand, a dr came to see me about donating the placenta and cord for some reason or other, another dr came to go through my consent for the c-section and then of course the usual checks of listening to the baby and checking my blood pressure. A busy morning. Lunch followed - yummy tomato quiche with roast veg (no I didn't want gravy with that) shortly followed by my afternoon nap.

Then it all went a bit crazy, I've not really thought about this in too much detail since being in hospital, it was all extremely traumatic.

About 2.15pm I woke up and decided to walk along the corridor to make myself a cup of tea. I stopped at the toilet on the way...where blood started pouring out of me, like I'd turned on a tap. I've never seen so much blood. This was the major bleed they'd been tellling me I could have. I pulled the emergency alarm and a midwife came straight away. I told her my name, that I was having a major bleed with my placenta previa. She then pulled the major emergency alarm and the rest of the midwives came to my rescue. My bed was brought round from the ward, I instructed one midwife, Helen, to get my phone so I could phone DH. I remember getting changed on the bed into a hospital gown as they wheeled me along the corridor. I phopned DH just as we got into the lift and told him to get to hospital ASAP. It took us a total of 4 minutes to get to delivery suite and I'd already lost 3 litres of blood.

So in delivery suite everyone was ready for me, blood ordered for a blood transfusion, anaesthetist ready to give me a general, and the last thing I heard as I went under was "We're losing fetal heartbeat"

Baby boy was delivered at 2.45pm - as I'd lost so much blood he did too and so needed a blood transfusion. As my placenta was so high, his head was higher than it should have been so they had to make a cut in my uterus to get him out fast. He took a minute before he took his first breath and was on a ventilator trolley to help him. So baby boy went into intensive care to keep an eye on him after his transfusion. Helen, the midwife went to visit him whenever she could, making sure he was alright for me.

There were up to 30 people in delivery suite that day, making sure Baby boy lived, and saving my life. I was losing blood faster than they could replace it - they think I lost up to 7 litres, which is more blood than I have normally I think. I had 4 units of blood put back and the rest was supplemented by other fluids through a drip.

I woke in intensive care about 7.30pm. DH was there with the midwife Helen. They told me we'd had a boy and I couldn't quite believe it. That night in intensive care was the longest ever. I just kept going over what happened, and thinking what if...? I finally met him the next day - I was wheeled down to Special Care Baby unit - poor little man had canulas in his hands from antibiotics and glucose which was feeding him.

So recovery was slow - spending 5 days in hospital after the birth, both of us gradually recovering from our ordeal and needing less care as we both grew stronger. I came after a week and have been getting stronger since being at home with him.

So not only is our lovely boy special because he's an IVF baby, but what a start to life he's had!
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