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Hi Girls

Just wondering ..... and desperately trying everything now ...

We go back tomorrow for ONE embryo transfer.  (Gutted it's only one again)

I was thinking, if we have other follies (albeit smaller) left in the ovary that weren't collected, maybe we could increase our chances by having sex tonight?

I go back for ET tomorrow and I know that sperm can also "prepare" the womb for pregnancy.

Does anyone know if sperm can damage an embryo?  I would just be worried that if there are sperm floating about tomorrow when the embryo is put back in, that it might attack it?

Any ideas?

Thanks alot for any replies,
Desperate Gill xxx

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Dear Gill
Don't know the answer to your question in terms of before ET but after my ET last time, we were told by the clinic to avoid sex for the first week of 2ww as sperm could affect implantation.
Good luck, Ellie
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