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i recently had a lap to have my left tube with a hyrdrosalpinx to be cut at the uterus end so not to interfere with my FET. My right tube looked healthy no signs of a hydro but proximally it was blocked and the surgeon left it because he stated it shouldn't affect my FET or future ivf. I am still unsure about this and wonder whether it should be clipped to be on the safe side? the surgeon told me proximal tube blockages can be recommended for cannulation to open up the tube and it was distal blockages i.e those with a hydro which were definitely not a good idea to keep. my current ivf clinic said no need to touch the blocked right tube, as well as a 2nd opinion with another consultant ( whom incidentally has worked with my surgeon). I was considering a new ivf clinic after my FET who does IMSI and they suggested to rule out any interference with the right tube and to get it clipped.

If proximal blockages were so detrimental then why would they be recommended for opening up i.e the exact opposite of clipping ?

confused, can anyone lend any advice ?

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