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Hi Julia,
Yes Sims is very convienent for treatment but if it is DE you are going for its a lot lot easier than IVF - you really only need very minimum meds and one lining scan - simple as that !!!
When we first decided on DE - I emailed about 20 clinics I found on the web - I then sorted through them and emailed back ones we were interested in. We based our choice on reviews on this fantastic site and of coure for us money was a big issue.
We decided on Reprofit as we could have 4 fresh goes for 1 at Sims !!!  Sort of a no brainer really !!!!

If you have decided on IM for your treatment I would say go for it - as long as you are happy and confident with your clinic it means a lot.

Dont get to hung up on % offered my clinics as really at the end of the day its a pure numbers game  / luck - call it what you will .

Going abroad for treatment is fine - its a nice break away with a bit of treatment too.  I flew home day of transfer - drove home in the snow to my house and got up at 5am for work the next day !!  It really is that easy .

Hope you make the right choice and go with what your heart says.
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