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Well I'm going to attempt to write what happened, although I'm still SO tired it may be a bit of gobble de **** :)

On 14 April 2008, I called the Day Care Unit as baby hadn't moved much in the last 24 hours and I was concerned.  They asked me to come in and I was put on the monitor.  They seemed happy enough with baby's heartrate, and said movements were a bit slow, but to keep an eye on it and if I was still unhappy to call them or pop in.  So off we went home.

Baby kicked a few more times in that evening so I was a bit happier.  I had been booked in for an induction of labour on 16 April 2008, so intended to spend the next day having my hair cut, eating lunch with a friend, finalising my packing, and getting DH to help shave my legs etc!! :)

We went to bed that night.  I woke up at 04:30 on 15 April 2008, and literally threw myself out the bed convinced I was weeing!  I ran to the bathroom (ok, a nine month pregnant version of running) and sat on the loo was talking with DH.  We were unsure if it was a wee or my waters.  It was SO funny!!  We have a white bathroom floor, so decided it was clear, not wee colour, and then both I and DH were sniffing for a smell (tmi).  We decided it was my waters, and this was confirmed when I stood up and another gush came out!

DH and I went back to bed, covered with maternity towels, towels, and in the end an old quilt as it just kept coming!!

We were laid in bed talking, and finally drifted back to sleep about 08:00.  When I woke up around 09:30, I called the day care unit and was told I had to go in to be assessed.

I jumped in the shower and then we got a taxi to the hospital.  We were seen fairly quickly, put on the heart monitor, and I was given an internal.  The MW confirmed my waters had broken.  She then called the bed manager asking whether I should be admitted.  They were deciding as normally if your waters are broken they won't send you home, but I had a bed booked (for the induction) the next day, so they didn't know what to do with the 24 hour gap.

The bed manager confirmed I was to be admitted, but asked us to give them some time to find a bed.  I was sent off to have some lunch!  how you can do this with waters running out of you I was interested to find out!  I ended up in the hospital canteen sat on a towel (dignified).

We went back to the unit, who sent us up to the antenatal ward.  We stayed there from 15:00 to 03:30.  During this time I was fine, still leaking but nothing else.  Contractions didn't start until news at ten, and were slow and bearable.

Around 0:00 the pains were strong, and we were moved to a side room as I needed to go to labour ward, but there were no beds and the side rooms had a nice big chair for DH to sit in.

The contractions were now three minutes apart and were in my back.  Because of this they weren't registering on the monitor, and it took me ages to convince the MW they were real!!!  She stood for half an hour watching the trace and confirmed I was having contractions.

At 03:30 I was taken to labour ward.  Things were fine until around 05:00 when the pain in my back was just unbearable.  I tried so hard to deal with it, and the front labour was fine, deep breathing got me through, but when the back kicked in I knew I was losing control.

I didn't have gas and air after testing it.  The feeling it gave me was horrible, so I was going all natural!  At 05:30 the MW asked me about pain relief as I was crying "my back, my back" with each contraction.  It was agreed and epidural was the way to go.  The anaesthetist came and sited the needle and entered the drugs.  All I had to do was wait.  I have to say the epidural was easy.  There was a bit of crunching when the needle went in, but it was painless, and boy, when it kicked in it was worth it.

I carried on in labour, and was assessed regularly.  As the hours progressed, I didn't!  30 hours after my waters breaking I was 2cm dilated.

Around this time they noted baby's heart rate was fast and were keeping an eye.  It got higher, from 140 to 170 and stayed high.  The doctor was concerned.

He asked if he could take a blood test from baby's head to see what the problem was.  I agreed.

I was put in stirrups and the procedure was attempted twice between 11:00 and 14:00.  Because I was only 3cm dilated in the end, he just couldn't get the sample.

He said he was going to get the Consultant.  She came in and was lovely.  She explained baby was in distress, the raised heartbeat was causing them concern and she had to make a decision.

She said she was going to do a csection with my consent.  I of course consented.

I had to wait for the theatre to be cleared, and during this time the epidural wore off.  I had to deal with the back labour again and became quite upset.

Finally at 14:50 they took me to theatre.  The anaesthetist numbed me from the ribs down and I was prepped.  DH was sat by me in his scrubs.  We were both scared!

I was cut at 15:06, and our beautiful baby girl Amelia was born at 15:16.  She was whisked off quickly because although she came out screaming, she went floppy and unresponsive.  It seemed like forever, but then a doctor came and took DH to her.  I heard them counting toes and fingers and knew she was ok. 

Then DH came over with her and I got to see her.  I just  :'(  She was perfect.

I was stitched up and sent to recovery where we sat as a family and I breast fed baby for the first time.

We were in hospital for three and a half days, which weren't fun.  I felt very alone and isolated, and I was disappointed at the decline in care once we left the labour ward.  I had a really bad day on Thursday and was trying in vain to discharge myself.

The only thing that kept me there was Millie.  Because my waters broke so early and yet nothing happened, we both ended up with an infection and she had to go to the neo natal unit twice a day to have antibiotics in her little tube in her vein.  If I left I would of gone without her and one day post csection, which was stupid.  I know this now.

Anyway, we survived the hospital stay, and after waiting six hours for discharge papers  ^bigbad^ we got home last night.

Millie is our world.  She is the most beautiful and perfect thing I have ever done.  I am so proud of her.  DH and I are so close, he's just a perfect father and is besotted with her.  It's the best feeling ever.

Whilst I found pregnancy and birth hard (a csection is still scary), I would do it all again for this feeling.


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Awwww Snags  ^hugme^  Sorry it was all such a trauma.  My birth was a bit of a trauma story too but I know exactly what you mean about doing it all over again for that feeling at the end  :'(  :)  Congratulations to you all  :-*  :-*

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My God snags, it is almost identical to my experience with Sam except I had forceps instead of a section.  As you said, nothing really matters once you get your beautiful  baby.

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Snags I completely relate to your birth story honey... and the do it again bit... congratulations on your beautiful daughter, you did an amazing job growing her and bringing her into the world...

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Well done Snags.
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