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I had my scan today and am delighted with the progress my follies have made over the weekend. I asked the nurse to note them down for me as DH couldn't make appointment and I wanted to keep him up to date (he likes to be part of the whole journey).
This is what she wrote
Right: 18,17,15,14x3,13x3
Left 18x2,17,16,15,14x2 and 11 more
womb lining 13 EC on wed!
This is so much better than my last cycle and she says my hormone levels are up on last time too  ^reiki^

Anyway my question is when I was being scanned they mentioned that I had one solid one (follicle I presume) and I was told that this was a cyst. Nothing to worry about. I am not at all concerned just wondered if anyone can tell me a bit more info on this. I have tried the search, but can't find what I am looking for or if it is the same as me. Anyway I just like to be in the know.
Thanks Susan
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