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I'm a single female pregnant via IUI with donor sperm.  I've been wading through websites on passports, travel and birth registration and was wondering if someone could shed light on what I need to do.

I'm a dual national and want to register my child with a lone parent (no father).  I believe the process is as below:

1. Register the Birth in the UK within 41 days after the baby is born.  (Do they need to know the baby was donor concieved? Do I need to prove it?!)
2. Get the short birth certificate and apply for a long birth certificate
3. Apply for a passport in the UK with their birth certificate (with father name blank) and mine enclosed.
4. Register the Birth in person at the US embassy (bring passports, long birth certificate and decree nisi and absolute from my divorce) and get social security number, registration of birth and passport.

Travelling: How does it work with travelling as a lone parent?  Once I have my child's passport is it an issue? 



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Hi Dawn

I can't tell you about getting a US passport - this is something you would need advice on in the USA.  However, from a UK perspective, your child's birth will be registered here with your name as the mother and with the father's details left blank (technically at law there is no legal father if you conceived with a donor from a clinic, and you will have sole parental responsibility).  If you are British and your child is born in the UK, your child will be British too and so entitled to a British passport and you just need to complete the form to apply as normal.  There is no difficulty associated with you travelling as a lone parent with your child - provided they have their own passport - from a UK law perspective.

I hope that helps and best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy.

All the best

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