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i was reading through some of the old posts and came across the drinking pineapple juice threads and was wondering, is it best for ladies ttc through ivf etc or would it be a good idea for me as a straight surro to start drinking it to in preparation for insems at the end of the month??

also, i read about taking starflower oil and to avoid it during ovulation and the 2ww. i am taking starflower oil as well as Eskimo-3 oil (6 a day) and optinatal (1 a day), is it a good idea to maybe swap the starflower for flax?? because after reading a post about how after taking starflower oil a lady noticed less of her fertile CF. this happened to me last month and didn't realise it could be linked until i read this certain post.

any help would certainly be appreciated as i'm hoping to do this first time round for them!!! lol

thank you

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Pineapple is thought to help with implantation because it contains selenium....which encourages healthy womb lining.  However, pineapple actually contains quite low levels of selenium....there are loads more foods with better levels, including brazil nuts which have one of the highest.  Pineapple does contain manganese though which may also be beneficial.  You should avoid eating fresh pineapple as it contains bromelain which can cause uterine contractions but drinking the juice, preferably from fresh/pressed but not from concentrate or from concentrate are both ok too.

Starflower and Evening Primrose can also both cause uterine contractions which again is why should be avoided during 2ww.

Personally I think the main thing is to ensure you have a healthy balanced diet and take a good prenatal care supplement such as Pregacare or Sanatogen Pronatal as these contain everything you need.

If you use the search facility you will find countless posts discussing these so maybe have a read of these old threads.

Good luck and take care
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