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I've just got a copy of my notes as I'm about to change clinics and within it is a copy of DH's SA results. When we got the results, my consultant just said it was all OK but I'm just wanting to make sure that is the case.
concentration is 76.5, which seems OK and motility breakdown is 43% excellent, 11% sluggish, 14% non-progressive and 32% immobile.
However, morphology is only 4% normal. There is a breakdown listed in the comments as:
4% normal
1% borderline
2% tail
1% neck
92% head.

Does anyone know, does that mean that for 92% there were heads only no tail on them?

Hoping it's improved now that I've bought him some vits but it would be useful to interpret the results.



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not sure i can answer your question specifically. however, my DP had 100% abnormal morphology on two sperm tests and then it started to move towards a normal figure over the next months. we had sperm tested at three different places and it was the NHS one that showed up the 100% abnormal morphology. what i know is that it is extremely variable!!

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