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Hi All

I am glad I found this site! II want to say hi and introduce myself. I'm 32 my Husband is 40. We have a miracle gorgeous girl who is  nearly 5 years old and i am thankful everyday for her blessing. I was diagnosed 2004 (25) with serve endometriosis after years of putting up with terrible pain. I was told i would need IVF following a 2 staged major operation to clear my pelvis of endo and 2 very large chocolate cysts on each ovary (each 750ml!). My surgeons suggested i TTC for 6m naturally then if no luck to go straight for IVF. I did get pregnant fairly soon after i had recovered from these ops but sadly had a missed m/c at 9 weeks. I got pregnant with my miracle girl after 3months following mc.

My endo return, so i had another lap pre TTC in April 2009. I lost another baby June 09 at 6w. I was devastated and it has taken me a very long time to get over it. I am aware that a lot of women have been through so much worse maybe later on in pregnancy or multiple times and that is why i feel stupid about it effecting me so much.

So here I am now 2 years down the line  about to start self funded IVF. My AMH test is 9, my tubes are clear, i am ovulating, my DH sperm were OK last time. I know now i have less eggs and they may be damaged. The scan shows no cysts but i am still scared i have endo (it's only seen via laproscope). I have everything crossed for our one and only IVF cycle to work.

I would love to hear from anyone else who is in a similar situation or who is just about to start and has any words of wisdom!

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Hi Jemma!!

You've definitely come to the right place!!  You should find plenty of support on here throughout your journey.
Congrats on your DD, fingers crossed that she, and you are soon blessed with a brother or sister for her :)

I too had severe endometriosis in my earlier years, i've had 4 laps with diathermy, plus 3 miscarriages intermingled with that, but thankfully I have been endo free for a couple of years now.  Sod's law that my partner is sterile after radiotherapy, hence us having ICSI (he had sperm stored before his treatment) !!

Afraid I have no words of wisdom, but I wish you all the best for your upcoming treatment


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to FF, Jemma!!! This is a great website for support, information, laughter and friendship, it has kept me (relatively!) sane though all my treatment. Have a good look round the site, post in whatever section you want and make yourself at home. There are so many sections here with a huge amount of information, so whatever you are going through there will be someone here to help you.

Here are a couple of links that I think might help you.


Of course your miscarriages would affect you - you certainly aren´t "stupid" for it having such an emotional effect on you. I am so sorry that you had to go it. We have a Pregnancy, Stillbirth & Neonatal loss section ~ CLICK HERE that you might be interested in.

IVF General chat ~ CLICK HERE

Complimentary, Holistic and Spiritual Approaches ~ CLICK HERE

Keep a diary of your treatment (or read the experiences of others) ~ CLICK HERE

While undergoing treatment, you might find it useful to join other ladies having treatment at the same time. The Cycle Buddies threads are just for that. Just pop along to the appropriate month and say "Hi" when you are ready to start treatment ~ CLICK HERE

The What Every New Member Needs To Know (includes a list of common abbreviations) thread will give you some info on how to navigate the site ~ CLICK HERE

If you look on the main forum index you will find location boards. You can find others in your area, and even people going to the same clinic who will provide invaluable advice - some groups even have meet ups.

Please feel free to ask more questions here, or on any other part of the site, there will be wonderful helpful people there to give you lots of support, information and cyber hugs if you need it. We go through all the highs and lows of treatment together.

Good luck! ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Sue ^hugme^
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