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Hi, I've just joined this site as my partner and I need to have IVF and wanted to share experiences with others in the same position.

We've got our first appointment at Roehampton ACU next week and am not sure what to expect.  Does anyone know what the process there is?  Will this appointment essentially get us ready to start the treatment or is that the point that we start on the waiting list?  I don't want to be disappointed if its just about the admin when what i want is to get started with the treatment!  The consultant told us in Dec that we'd need IVF after my laparoscopy.

Am feeling really optimistic and positive this year after a miserable time last year waiting for hospital appointments and watching all my best mates get pregnant! But impatient to crack on and get started.

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to FF, Appleton!!! This is a great website for support, information, laughter and friendship, it has kept me (relatively!) sane though all my treatment. Have a good look round the site, post in whatever section you want and make yourself at home. There are so many sections here with a huge amount of information, so whatever you are going through there will be someone here to help you.

I am not sure what the system is in the UK, I live abroad so it might be totally different to what I went through. Here is the London section - CLICK HERE I am sure the lovely ladies there will be able to give you some useful advice on your clinic's procedures and other services in the area.

Hope you keep hold of that positivity, my clinic said that was the only thing I could do to improve my chances!!!

Here are a couple of links that I think might help you.

A Rough Guide To IVF ~CLICK HERE

IVF General chat ~ CLICK HERE

Keep a diary of your treatment, or read others experiences ~ CLICK HERE

Questions for your first cycle consultation ~ (use the ones that apply) CLICK HERE

Complimentary, Holistic and Spiritual Approaches ~ CLICK HERE

While undergoing treatment, you might find it useful to join other ladies having treatment at the same time. The Cycle Buddies threads are just for that. Just pop along to the appropriate month and say "Hi" when you are ready to start treatment ~ CLICK HERE

The What Every New Member Needs To Know (includes a list of common abbreviations) thread will give you some info on how to navigate the site ~ CLICK HERE

We also have a newbie night in the chat room every Wednesday where you can meet other new members and a few more experienced (I won't use the term "old"!) members will be there to answer any questions you have about the site. CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON NEWBIE CHAT

Please feel free to ask more questions here, or on any other part of the site, there will be wonderful helpful people there to give you lots of support, information and cyber hugs if you need it. We go through all the highs and lows of treatment together.

Good luck!!! ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Sue ^hugme^
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